Positive Caesarean Birth Courses

Despite what some think, you do have choices when birthing your baby via caesarean section!

Your mindset, birth preferences, and communication with supportive caregivers can make a tremendous difference to your birthing experience and to your baby’s introduction to the world.

Ensure that your birth is a positive one by preparing yourself and your partner, removing any apprehensions or fears about the process, creating birth preferences that make you feel in control, and readying yourself for a smooth recovery.

If you want to feel confident that you understand both the hospital and the surgical process, if you want to feel calm before and during your birth, if you want practical tips for recovery, and if you want to look back on your birth as one of the most positive days in your life…then this course is for you!

“The hypnobirthing techniques really helped to keep me calm in the days leading up to the birth and the anxious hours waiting at the hospital on the day! The actual surgery was such a breeze, I was pleasantly surprised!”

The three class options are:

  • Positive Caesarean Birth PRIVATE Course
    A four hour private class (either in person or via Skype) where we cover topics like our mind – body connection, how fear affects our body and our baby, instant relaxation techniques, visualisation strategies, our birth partner’s role, birth preferences, the caesarean process, bonding with baby, tips for recovery, and breastfeeding.
    The private class is $440.00 per couple and it includes four hours of instruction, a fear release guided meditation, a folio of evidence based resources, five Australia hypnobirthing tracks, an eBook, a birth debrief, and additional support as needed.
  • Positive Caesarean Birth ONLINE Course
    The online course includes:
    5 videos of expert hypnobirthing tuition and practical exercises with Hypnobirthing Australia™ director Melissa Spilsted
    5 relaxation mp3s
    eBook ‘The Positive Caesarean Birth”
    Handouts and worksheets to consolidate your learning
    Online support via a secure learning platform
  • Positive Caesarean Birth PREMIUM ONLINE Course
    The PREMIUM ONLINE course includes the Positive Caesarean Birth Online Course
    PLUS a 90 minute private session with me (in person or via an online platform)
    PLUS two bonus albums to support you after birth.
    The 90 minute private session will help you gain further clarification on any part of the online course, answer any other questions that have come up, help address any apprehensions or fears about what is to come, personalise your practice routine, create individualised birth preferences that feel positive for you, and begin to prepare you for the postpartum period too.

If you have questions about which option is right for you, please don’t hesitate to contact me.