Maverick’s Birth – A Hypnobirthing Australia Birth Story

Hypnobirthing Australia birth story

This birth story is beautiful and is beautiful to read…Dani has such a way with words!
I love how you can feel the fun that she and Glenn had both in preparing for birth and during…birth is meant to be enjoyable!  You can joke, you can laugh, you can enjoy yourself!
And long pregnancies can be hard to enjoy!  Especially as those days go on and pressure seems to mount from family, your caregiver, and yourself.  But Dani and Glenn were able to hold onto their positive mindset and continue to read more

Norah’s Birth – A Hypnobirthing Australia Birth Story

Hypnobirthing Australia Birth Story

Brodie and Brad are such a lovely couple…so connected to each other and both committed to working together to having a positive birth.
Like most couples, they came to hypnobirthing wanting information and tools…and reassurance that they type of birth they wanted was possible!
They took everything in, asked all the questions they needed to to feel satisfied, and went home and did the work!
They practiced the various techniques, they visualised their ideal birth, and most importantly read more

Brisbane Postpartum Provisions Cooking Classes!

Postpartum Provisions


We typically put a lot of effort into planning for our baby.
The nursery, the car seat, the pram, the teeny tiny clothes.

We may put a fair bit of consideration into planning for our birth.
An antenatal class, some reading, creating birth preferences, packing a hospital bag.

We might devote a bit of attention to breastfeeding.
Watching some videos, talking to friends, Googling lactation biscuits, buying some nursing bras.

But we usually don’t think about postpartum read more

Peppermint Magazine

Hypnobirthing Brisbane

I have actually been bursting to share this news for weeks!
And now I can finally tell everyone and anyone!

I have a feature in Peppermint Magazine!

The founder of Peppermint came to my January class to learn how to support her best friend.
They both got so much out of the course that she ended up contacting me afterwards about doing an interview for the next issue.
Cue much shrieking and smiling and dancing around my kitchen!
The interview ended up evolving into a feature on hypnobirthing, the read more

Helena the “Unremarkable” Miracle – A Hypnobirthing Australia Birth Story

Hypnobirthing Australia Birth Story

Sara was one of those women who came into class already sure of herself and of the birth that she wanted.  Some women simply have this sort of internal determination from the beginning…and others gain it over the course of the Hypnobirthing Australia program.  But even those who seem innately confident need the reassurance of additional information and additional tools!
Sara and her husband Mike took everything they learned in hypnobirthing and put it into practice.
They fully committed to the read more