A Positive Induction – A Hypnobirthing Birth Story

Due to his work schedule, Nicole and Kevin opted for private classes.  When we began, Nicole still seemed somewhat hesitant about hypnobirthing.  Early on her pregnancy, she assumed she was going to have a caesarean and even though the more reading she did, the more she wanted to try for a more natural birth, I think it took a while for her to begin to think positively about all types of birth.  But she committed herself to practicing her hypnobirthing techniques and to maintaining an open and read more

Luca’s Birth – A Hypnobirthing Birth Story

Jane took hypnobirthing over five years ago when she was preparing for her first birth.  When it was time to add to her family, she came back for a refresher.
Her pregnancy was not easy…hyperemesis, concern about a low lying placenta , and rising blood pressure towards the end.  But Jane managed to stay positive throughout..she was determined to have a second positive birth.

And that she did!

Here is Luca’s hypnobirthing birth story as told by his amazing mother, read more

Pearl’s Birth – A Hypnobirthing Australia Birth Story

Hypnobirthing Birth Story

As you can see from the photos, Sonya exudes vibrancy and vitality.  She just has this positive energy…and when you are around her you can’t help but get swept up in her optimistic outlook.
It comes as no surprise that even before taking the Hypnobirthing Australia Positive Birth Program, she was 100 percent focused on a positive birth!
And she knew exactly what she needed to have that positive birth…she worked with a supportive OB, a massage therapist, and a chiropractor to ensure that she had the best read more

Orlando’s Birth – A Hypnobirthing Australia Birth Story

Hypnobirthing Birth Story

I always say the best time to take the Hypnobirthing Australia Positive Birth Program is when you are ready and can fit it in!  For Jess and Brent, that was when they were 37 weeks pregnant.
Jess had a really positive mindset even before taking classes…she wanted to take the class so she and her partner had plenty of tools available to them and so they felt empowered as a team to get the positive birth they both wanted.
And they definitely had a positive experience!

Here is Orlando’s read more

Maverick’s Birth – A Hypnobirthing Australia Birth Story

Hypnobirthing Australia birth story

This birth story is beautiful and is beautiful to read…Dani has such a way with words!
I love how you can feel the fun that she and Glenn had both in preparing for birth and during…birth is meant to be enjoyable!  You can joke, you can laugh, you can enjoy yourself!
And long pregnancies can be hard to enjoy!  Especially as those days go on and pressure seems to mount from family, your caregiver, and yourself.  But Dani and Glenn were able to hold onto their positive mindset and continue to read more