The Kindred Collective Volume 2: FIRST

TKC Volume 2 Quote 1


It’s here!
The second volume of The Kindred Collective e-magazine!
The contributions to the first e-magazine touched on the theme of birth.
This time, the written pieces focus on firsts…the highs and lows of that first year, expected and unexpected milestones, advice about baby’s first food, that moment when you first realise you are a parent.
The magazine is full on honest and heartfelt submissions.
As with the first volume, as I read I found myself nodding in agreement.
Motherhood is a universal leveller.
While read more

The Portrait Series: 40/52

Portrait 1


 “Hiding in the blossoms.”
Born to be wild.
From the minute they opened their eyes yesterday morning, it seemed my childrens’ agendas were completely at odds with mine.
I hoped to have a slow day around the house…beginning to clean up the school holidays mess, doing a little cooking and baking for the week ahead, maybe even some blogging (gasp…I know…I have been so absent…I have so many posts floating around in my head and so little time to get them down).
But Charlie was in one of those moods where he wasn’t read more

The Portrait Series: 39/52

Portrait 1


 School holidays.
And he found the paint.  Hold me.
Determined does not begin to describe her.
She was put on this earth to teach me patience and resilience.  Hold me.
I realise this may be an unpopular opinion.
To provide a bit of context, I am the mother of a four year old and a nine month old who currently wishes to dispose of most of her possessions so there is less mess and less cleaning.
Before I had any children, my house was always pristine.
When I was pregnant read more

Sunday Styles: Spring Wardrobe Sorted

IK 1


I haven’t done a Sunday Styles post in ages.
I suppose because I have been wearing the same thing again and again.
What have I been wearing?

I have been wearing this outfit pretty much constantly since it arrived in the mail from Ilana Kohn a few weeks ago.
Nothing like some late night online shopping!
I love her jumpsuits and the tank jumpsuit had been on my wish list for a while.
But I was waiting for a sale.
The jumpsuits sold out prior to the sale so I ended up with a tee read more

The Portrait Series 38/52

Portrait 1


Don’t worry.  It wasn’t fatal.
She (once again) managed to evade bedtime…I suppose playing outside with her brother is more fun than sleeping.
I think that I enjoy most aspects of being a mother.
Raising kids is pretty great.
And I consider myself lucky that I am able to spend most of my days with my two.
For the most part, I get a kick out of both of them.
Crazy kids.

But I do not enjoy constantly cleaning the kitchen.
It has to be my number one most despised read more