How To Tie Dye With Toddlers

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I don’t mean to alarm anyone, but Christmas is coming.
I am generally not one to be especially prepared for Christmas…I tend to buy bits and pieces throughout the year, take stock at some point in November, and then spend another day or so shopping.
But this year, as Santa may bring me a baby, I am trying to think ahead.
One of the most time consuming aspects of Christmas is always finding gifts for C’s friends.  I believe gift giving is the very best part of Christmas…and so we give to a lot of C’s read more

The Portrait Series: 39/52

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Guess what we have been up to?
Tie dying!
There will be a post about homemade tie dyed Christmas gifts coming this week!
R usually has a stash of some sort of treat hidden in the kitchen…chocolate, cookies, candy.
The other day C was quiet and when I went to see why he was so silent, I found that he had discovered R’s cookies and had decided to eat as many of them as he could.
When I walked in he said, “No!  Go away!  Not in here Mommy!”
It was one of those parenting moments where I read more

Pregnancy Massage: Ripple Mobile Massage

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I recently was treated to an at home pregnancy massage by Ripple.
Ripple is a purely mobile massage therapy and beauty service.
I have a personal policy to never turn down an offer for a massage.
I don’t care if it is a professional or a friend or my six year old neighbour who recently wanted me to try the “relaxation room” she and her friend created…for the record the “relaxation room” involved a bucket of warm water for my feet and a lot of lovely six year old chatter.
As pleasant as the “relaxation read more

Pregnancy Thoughts – 29 Weeks



I think the fact that it has been seven weeks since I wrote a pregnancy post is proof of how just how quickly this pregnancy seems to be progressing…and how little time I have had for anything beyond my family and myself.
In another seven weeks I will be 36 weeks and starting to anticipate the arrival of this baby.  It is beginning to dawn on me that with baby number two I might never feel ready in the sense that I was with baby number one.
In some ways I am more prepared…I know what I am read more

Clothes For Pregnancy And Breastfeeding: Eve of Eden

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I have actually had quite a few readers email me about clothes that do double duty for pregnancy and then for breastfeeding so I was pleased when Eve of Eden contacted me as they have a great range of items that work for both stages.

Last time I was pregnant and shopping for maternity clothes, I didn’t think I would wear those clothes once the baby was out.
This time around, I am wiser.
I know it will probably be about a year before I have my body back…both in terms of my baby not needing me for sustenance and in terms of me feeling read more