The Portrait Series: 9/52

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Early morning art.
I don’t know if they will stay that colour, but at the moment her eyes are the deepest blue.
He made me a mother.
His birth changed me, caused me to expand in ways I wasn’t always sure I was ready to.  We started into unknown territory together.  Over the past three years, we have both grown.  It hasn’t always been pretty.  It hasn’t always been comfortable.  But I will forever be grateful to him for putting me on this path and for helping me find my way.
She made read more

On Using Both Disposable And Cloth Nappies

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When I was pregnant, I was sure that once I became a mother, I would use cloth nappies…better for the environment, better for my wallet, better for my baby.
I also was sure that my child wouldn’t eat sugar and wouldn’t watch TV.
As it turned out, I only dabble in cloth nappies.
And my child eats sugar and watches TV.

I have never used cloth nappies during the newborn stage.
I think the first time around I figured that I would get used to having a baby first and then would tackle using cloth read more

Mothering Two



Photo by Jess at Hopefully Creative.
So I have been mothering two little ones for about two months now.
And what I have I learned?
Here, in no particular order, are a few tips.

Always restrain your older one in first and release them last.
If you are heading out in the car, get your older child all buckled in and then set about getting your younger child sorted
Likewise, when you are getting out the the car, get the baby out first and then unbuckle the older one.
This saves you having to read more

The Portrait Series: 8/52

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Rainy days mean piling into the big bed.
He watches Tales From Africa.
She coos and kicks.
And I try to capture them while they are both relatively still.
Thanks to Cyclone Marcia, we have had a rainy couple of days here.
I always look forward to rainy days but I generally end up struggling through them.
I imagine baking, some sticker book action, snuggling while eating popcorn and watching a movie.
But, as is often the way, reality is very different.
I have a three and a half read more

How Does Home Birth Work



As soon as I became pregnant, I started investigating home birth.

I had my first baby with a private obstetrician in a private hospital.
At the time, I was content with the way in which my birth unfolded but as I learned more and more about birth, I became upset by the number of interventions that were performed unnecessarily.
I knew that I didn’t want to birth in the hospital system again but I wasn’t sure exactly how home birth worked.
Curious, I asked a few midwife friends to recommend read more