The Portrait Series: 15/52



Deep thoughts.
The fastest four months of my life.
I was tagged to share twenty facts about me.
So here goes!
1.  Our household is comprised of a Cancer, a Taurus, and two  Sagittarii.  I don’t know what that means.
2.  I met my husband in a New York bar called Off The Wagon.
3.  I have two bachelors degrees and am working on a masters.
4.  I used to be a swimmer and spent most of my winters with frozen hair and most of my summers with hairy legs.
5.  If I won the lottery read more

The Portrait Series: 14/52



I have two of each of them this week.
I just couldn’t decide.
I am trying to decrease our reliance on screens.
I find the afternoons the hardest.
By about 2:00, Charlie is usually asking to watch TV and the path of least resistance is to turn it on.
Getting out of the house helps immensely.
I think if the TV is out of sight, it is out of mind.
Earlier this week, in order to escape the temptation of the television, we took to the front verandah for some face painting.
He painted my face.
And then he painted read more

A Monthly Intention – April



My intentions for the previous months have been more conceptual.
This month’s intention is more concrete.
No phone.
No using my phone (other than actually talking on the phone) when my children are awake.

Since Lyddie has arrived on the scene, we have been all too reliant on screens.
When I am breastfeeding her, I am often scrolling through Instagram and, in an effort to keep him still and quiet, Charlie is often playing on the iPad or watching TV.
Since those activities have become a normal part read more

Baby Wearing



These days, my favourite accessory is my baby.
I love wearing Lyddie.
Different people have different reasons for baby wearing.  I wear my baby because she is content when I am wearing her and wearing her makes my life easier.

Baby wearing makes your baby happy.
There is an abundance of literature on why baby wearing is good for your baby.  One study even found that there is in inverse relationship between the number of hours a baby spends crying and the number of hours a baby is read more

Getting Over Myself. Alternatively Titled: Doing Less.



At the beginning of this month, I set myself the goals of slowing down, looking for simple options, and accepting less of myself.
And I think I achieved all of those intentions.
Should I use the word achieve?
It seems to have connotations of aiming high, accomplishing big things, attaining success.
But I suppose the opposite of achieve is fail and that isn’t the right word either.
Anyway, I managed to do the bare minimum this month and even more impressive (or unimpressive depending on how you look at it), I read more