Clothes For Pregnancy And Breastfeeding: Eve of Eden

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I have actually had quite a few readers email me about clothes that do double duty for pregnancy and then for breastfeeding so I was pleased when Eve of Eden contacted me as they have a great range of items that work for both stages.

Last time I was pregnant and shopping for maternity clothes, I didn’t think I would wear those clothes once the baby was out.
This time around, I am wiser.
I know it will probably be about a year before I have my body back…both in terms of my baby not needing me for sustenance and in terms of me feeling read more

The Portrait Series: 38/52

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We had just made a chocolate magic bean cake…guess who got to lick the spatula?
Boys and their toys.
C has never seen a gun, never seen a movie or a tv show with a gun in it, and I am pretty sure he has never even heard R or I utter the word gun.
And yet he makes guns out of Lego and “pills” things.
When our neighbour came to play and left his toy gun behind, C was beside himself with excitement.
He took it out into the garden and “pilled” a few trees and some flowers.

All of read more

Five Birth Interventions That Are Unnecessary



Today I am over at The Kindred Collective talking about birth interventions…specifically the fact that you do not have to consent to the interventions that may be suggested by your caregiver.
Birth should be an empowering experience.
All too often we surrender our control.
We submit to caregivers who generally have a different agenda than we do…they are governed by hospital policies and protocols and not by the natural wonder of birth.
You only get one opportunity to birth your baby.
I read more

Ethical Maternity Wear: Little Tienda

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Even amongst other ethical retailers, Little Tienda stands out.
Em is so passionate about the artisans that she works with and about the clothes that they make.
Not only does she know the artisans, but she knows their families.
She flies to Mexico once a year to meet with them and to work with them to create her beautiful online store.
She is such a warm, giving person…I can only imagine how wonderful and full of mutual admiration these visits must be.
While the clothes and accessories that read more

The Portrait Series: 37/52

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Snapped with my iPhone as we called a temporary truce in a tickle fight.
The band aid is for decoration purposes only.

Between keeping track of the weeks of my pregnancy and seeing the weeks of this portrait series continually click over, I really feel like time is travelling in some sort of fast forward mode.
I keep thinking that I really need to start planning Christmas!
Then I tell myself not to be ridiculous and Christmas is ages away.
Then I remember that I am due to have a baby in December and so therefore want all presents bought and wrapped by mid November.
And then I start to panic about how read more