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Little Thing, Big Change – Spinach


Now, I am no nutritionist, but I firmly believe that you are what you eat and that good food leads to good health.
When C was about eighteen months old, I realised that I was still feeling as tried and sluggish as I had during those first few exhausting months.  As C was well and truly sleeping through the night by this point, I couldn’t blame my lack of energy on him.  After having some basic blood work done, I was not at all surprised when my GP told me I had low iron levels.

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The Portrait Series: 16/52

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The moose is back.  Or rather the moose never left.
Most Friday evenings we head to C’s godparent’s house.
In exchange for allowing them to cuddle our son, they give us an antipasto platter and a few drinks.  Not a bad deal.
It is a tradition that I cherish.
I love watching the sun set, drink in hand, surrounded by good people.
It is the perfect end to the week, the perfect start to the weekend.
Do you have any weekly traditions that you love?

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Am I Enough? Part Two.

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I love Donald Winnicott’s quote.
The way to be a good mother is to be a good enough mother.

Donald Winnicott was an English psychoanalyst and paediatrician who believed that ordinary mothers intuitively realise the needs of their babies.
He believed that a mother’s knowledge about being a mother arises from being a baby once herself and from being given full responsibility for her child.
What I like about his profile of a good enough mother is that she is a real human being.
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Am I Enough? Part One.

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Last Friday evening I went to The Little Sage’s Circle.  I had never been to an energy event before.
I must say when I thought about Friday nights of yore, spent getting drunk in dive bars, I laughed at the contrast…here I am now, spending my weekend meditating, visualising and journaling!

Anyway, one of the exercises Helen lead us through was visualising what was holding us back.
When she guided us and asked us to identify what was preventing us from reaching our goals, I pictured myself.
I found this read more