The Portrait Series: 5/52



Looking for pirates…for treasure.
If I had to describe her I would say soft, warm, comforting, chins, thighs, smiles.
This week has been a big week.
A new school, our last appointment with our beloved midwives, immunisations, and a day that for some unknown reason started at three thirty in the morning.
I have been left feeling a bit flat and a bit overwhelmed.
I think feeling flat is a result of that early, early start.
And I think feeling overwhelmed is as result of a week that read more

A Week In My Life

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My intention for the month of January was to find a new rhythm.
To establish an effective routine that works for the family and is viable for me.
I survived my first few weeks home alone with both C and L and I think I made good progress towards finding my feet as a mother of two.  I drank a coffee most mornings, some sort of dinner was prepared most evenings…my dirty laundry pile is admittedly taking over the bathroom but that is what husbands and weekends are for!

On Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays it is read more

Life As An Expat



Some of the feedback I got from my reader survey included wanting to know more about my life as an expat.
So here goes!

I have lived here in Brisbane for eight years now so, while I am not a citizen and can’t officially call Australia home, it is honestly hard for me to accurately remember my life back in the States and my initial impressions of the land down under.

I essentially moved out of my childhood home when I was fourteen.  I desperately wanted to go to boarding school and my parents somehow read more

Sunday Styles: Twins

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I couldn’t resist.

I bought this dress from LILYA when I was pregnant.
Those last few weeks, if I wasn’t in my bikini, I was wearing this dress.
Since giving birth, this has been my go to dress for those occasions when I actually need to leave the house.
The light fabric makes this heat and humidity bearable.
The bright print hides stains.
The generous cut is forgiving of my postpartum lumps and bumps.
And the buttons allows easy access for breastfeeding.

I bought Lyddie that romper from Purebaby read more

The Portrait Series: 4/52



Pizza, pizza, pizza pie…he is actually really good at shaping dough.
My bunkmate.

Whenever I make homemade pizza I always wonder if it is possible to do it without making a mess?
Thus far, personal research indicates that it is impossible.
Since it is inevitable that a mess is going to be made, I figure it might as well be a big mess.
So I invite him to roll and “decorate” the pizza.
As long as you welcome destruction of the kitchen, making pizza is a surprisingly great read more