The Portrait Series: 29/52

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He is playing in the sink.
I am thinking about what to cook for dinner and that I am sick of cooking dinner.
He has taken to wanting to help me with the dishes.
This means he gets his diggers, puts them in the water, and scoops up the bubbles.
He likes to involve his stuffed animals in the fun too.
I protest but it is difficult to argue with his logic.
Puppy Bunny needs a bath…true.
The elephant likes to suck water up with its trunk…true.
The octopus lives in the ocean…true.

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A Boring Post



On a boat!  Not wearing  life jacket!  Wild!  Not boring!

Although I don’t think she meant it to, Stacey’s post has caused some sort of exestential crisis.
I too feel boring.
So boring.
The realisation of how far I have fallen is painful.A friend’s little girl is turning one and, as you do when your child has a birthday, she was looking back at photos of her baby when she was newborn.
This prompted me to do the same.
And then I went even further back.
To the pre-baby era.
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Favourite – Our Morning Routine



It really is the everyday things that are my favourite things.
I enjoy routine.
I like waking up to his little voice, sounding metallic through the baby monitor, calling, “Mommy!  Mooommm-meee!”
I like going in to his room, lying down next to him, cuddling his warm little body, both of us silent and still until he declares that it is morning time and that we should go and get some breakfast.
We eat our porridge and we talk about what the day might hold.
The first order of business is always a walk to the cafe.

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Ethical Maternity Wear: The Goodnight Society

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At the start of this year, I committed to not buying any new clothes.
Half way through the year, I found out I was pregnant.
Having to dress a bump is a bit of a game changer!

I got through my first pregnancy with very few maternity clothes.
I am hoping to do the same this time around.
However there are a few bits and pieces that I believe I will need.
So I am seeking out ethical maternity options.

I have always been a pyjama person.
I suppose part of that stems from my job as a theatre nurse.
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The Portrait Series: 28/52

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My boy is in the tub.
As our backyard is one hundred percent mud, he often has a bath twice a day.
All manner of toys go in the bathtub.
Foam blocks.
He is usually happy in there, splashing around, for at least a half an hour.
I have found myself using the time…and the mostly contained and mostly stationary subject…to practice photography.
I am really enjoying experimenting with my Olympus OM-D-E-M10.
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