List Liberation

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It is true thatI have spent a decent portion of the past year making lists, revising lists, dividing lists into sublists, and crossing things off lists.
Being an organised soul who is pregnant, renovating, moving out of her home, moving back into her home, working, and teaching hypnobirthing…the lists are inevitable.
Plus I can’t remember anything unless I jot it down!

While the lists may be a necessity, I have found that the feelings of stress and anxiety that accompany lists are read more

The Portrait Series: 43/52

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Helping me sort through his old baby clothes.

I hardly remember the newborn version of him….the C who wore the size 0000 oneies and the newborn hats.
I remember he liked to be held.
I remember he liked to stare at the wall.
I remember he didn’t like to sleep.
I remember he liked to eat.
I hardly remember the new mother version of myself.
I remember loving afternoons spent on the couch with him asleep across my lap.
I remember eating chicken, cheese, and avocado toasties for about a read more

Advice Please…His Room Or Their Room

His Room


Our house started out as a four bedroom home.
Way back when, before C came along, we turned one of the bedrooms into a bathroom…but that still left us with our room, a guest room, and a study.
While C initially slept with us, his official nursery…complete with first born niceties like homemade mobiles and stick on wall decals…was the back sleep out.
At some point we decided that we should put the guest bed in the study, put C in the guest room, and turn the back sleep out read more

I Am A Mother

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I wrote a similar post recording my thoughts about who I am back in July.
Not much has changed since then.
But physically and emotionally I have transformed.

This is who I am at this moment in time.

I am a mother who wants to do all of the things.
I am a mother who isn’t motived to get much done.
I am a mother who is full of ideas.
I am a mother who is feeling flat.
I am a mother who feels not like her normal self.
I am a mother who is fine with that.
I am a mother who is looking read more

The Portrait Series: 42/52

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The eating of the watermelon is an outside activity.
The title of this post indicates that we have only ten weeks left in 2014.
Can someone please confirm that for me as I am having a hard time understanding how that could be the case?
What happened to August?
And did we skip September?
Is every year getting shorter?

How will everything that the next ten weeks holds possibly fit in the next ten weeks?
My birthday.
A baby.
A new read more