Oreo Ice Cream Cake

Oreo Ice Cream Cake


Charlie’s birthday seemed to span a week.
And I think I made, and ate, cake every day of that week.
First I made raspberry cupcakes with blackberry frosting.  Disaster.
Then I made chocolate cupcakes with white chocolate frosting for him to take to school.  Really yummy.
Then I made a chocolate layer cake with chocolate ganache and chocolate frosting for his party.  Intense.
Finally I made an Oreo ice cream cake for his actual birthday.  Insane.  So delicious.

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The Portrait Series: 21/52



Roar!  It’s a dinosaur!
Spoons are her new favourite accessories…she has a blue one, a yellow one, and a red one!

She has been waking up at four in the morning.
In the morning.
Which means by about ten I am a) needing a second coffee, b) feeling like it should be at least lunch time, and c) wanting to poke my eyes out because I am so tired.
I expected the lack of sleep and the accompanying exhaustion.
But it doesn’t make it any easier to deal with.
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Double Dipper



I started writing this post last week…such is my blogging backlog that what was a commentary on a current event is now history.
My feelings are still valid though so I have decided to hit post anyway!

I am generally not a very political person.
Perhaps it is because I can’t vote in Australia.
Perhaps it is because I have been living in a baby bubble for the past four years and so am out of touch when it comes to current events.
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Sunday Styles: Stepping Out With My Baby



On the rare occasion that I leave the house for some sort of social engagement (lately the combination of Foxtel, tea, and two snuggly babies has been too much to overcome), finding something to wear is a challenge.
I have to be able to breastfeed in it.
It has to fit.
I like to feel somewhat polished…a departure from wearing the same old stretched out, most likely stained, mother of a newborn clothes that I have been wearing for the past five months.
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The Portrait Series: 20/52



After chasing me around the yard with a (disgusting) grub, he set up a grub zoo.
She has a pretty good life…eating, sleeping, basking in the sunshine.
It seems these days there is a lot to be happy about.
The welcome winter sun, warm on my back while I drink a hot coffee.
My boy telling me elaborate stories, most recently about dingos and cupcakes.
Spending afternoons in our postage stamp front yard, looking for instants, and blowing bubbles.
I feel really content.
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