A Monthly Intention – July



This is one of those posts that is likely of little interest to anyone other than me.
But at the beginning of the year I decided I would set monthly goals, and this is one goal that I really want to achieve.
So please indulge me!

I have a terrible habit.
I pick my eyebrows.
I do it without realising that I am doing it…but I catch myself doing it all the time.
As a result my eyebrows are thin and patchy.
And I hate the way they look.
When I look at myself in the mirror, my read more

Books and Podcasts



A long, long time ago, way back at the beginning of this month (did anyone else’s June seem almost endless), I set an intention of reading more and finding a few podcasts that I enjoyed.
I logged into the Brisbane City Council library website and put a few books on hold.
I downloaded a variety of podcasts.
And I was surprised by how much time I had to read and to listen.
Or I suppose I should say, surprised by how much time I made to read and to listen.
For as we all know, time is always read more

A Different Kind Of Birth



The birth of an e-magazine!

It was just over a year ago that Bettina and I decided to come together and form The Kindred Collective.
Since those initial brainstorming sessions, we have each had a baby.
With babes at our breasts, The Kindred Collective has been forced to evolve.  But the main premise has remained the same.  The Kindred Collective is a community of women.  A virtual village of women who span the globe, who have something to share, who are looking to laugh, to cry, to give, to receive, to read more

The Portrait Series: 26/52



Enjoying blueberries in the winter sun.
She is into everything.  Everything she shouldn’t be into.
A few things surprise me about having two kids.
The unconditional sibling love and how immediate it is.
The amount of laundry that a family of four can produce.
How different my babies are.
And how little time I have!
And not in an “I’m so busy” way.  I am intentionally not busy.
But I still have no time!
Day to day it doesn’t really bother me.
But after a few days of read more

Thermomix Carrot Cake Porridge

Thermomix Carrot Cake Porridge


I love carrot cake.  I love the sweet carrot, the cinnamon, I know cooked sultanas divide the masses but I am a fan, and I especially love the cream cheese frosting.
I have seen quite a few traditional recipes for carrot cake porridge and have been meaning to convert one for ages…today was the day!
I mostly made this porridge because I don’t think I am eating enough vegetables.  In summer, fresh salads make getting my daily serve of vegetables easy, but when the weather turns read more