The Portrait Series: 31/52

Portrait 1


Harvesting his beans.
Enjoying the beautiful winter sun.
I have been missing the blog!
Every week I set an intention of getting back into the habit of writing, but every week it seems my attention is needed elsewhere.
This week I recovered from the fete, chauffeured my husband to and from work, became a citizen, and quickly became addicted to Orange is the New Black.
I am hoping that this coming week marks a return to our normal rhythms and routines.
I like my slow, some would say read more

The Portrait Series: 30/52

Portrait 1


Feeding time at the zoo.
As you might have been able to tell from the lack of blog posts, these past few weeks have been intense.
A broken husband.
Appointments to try to fix said broken husband.
A kindy fete.
Being the co-convener of cakes for said kindy fete.
All of the above mean that Lyddie hasn’t had a proper day sleep in about two weeks…she has either been napping on me or in the car.
And that of course means she isn’t sleeping well at night.
And that of course means read more

“I think you’re tired.”



I wish that someone would tell me that I am tired and suggest that I should go to bed!

I am over at Kidspot talking about why your kids hate it when you say, “I think you’re tired.”
I know when I mention to Charlie that he seems to be tired, my words are met with vehement denial…followed five minutes later by the frustrated tears of the exhausted.

Do you children have any insight into how tired they might be…and how that might be making them read more

The Portrait Series: 29/52

52 Portraits Charlie


Involved in some elaborate car game.
Rub-a-dub-dub.  There is nothing better than a baby in a tub.
It has been one of those hard weeks.
Where you are both grateful that things aren’t worse but are also bogged down in the difficulty of the day to day.
My husband came of his bicycle on Tuesday.
He broke his clavicle, lacerated his knee, and has a host of other bumps, bruises, and grazes.
It could have been truly awful…looking at his bike and his helmet is a bit read more

The Portrait Series: 28/52



That pom pom is attached to his face with Blu Tack.  Naturally.
She is as cheeky as they come.

I have been feeling a bit blah.
Uninspired I suppose.
Perhaps it is just winter…hearing those icy winds blow makes hibernation seem like the only sensible option.
Once the kids are all snug in their beds, I just want to crawl into mine.
Under layers of quilts, the dog curled up next to me, I read for a few minutes before turning out my light.
I wish I could say that these early read more