Waiting In The Now



The are things that we cannot know.
And how and when a baby enters this world is one of them.

I feel like this baby is getting ready…is coming.
I feel a bit heavier.
I feel emotional…simple tasks befuddle me yet I am alert, I am impatient with those around me yet content to do nothing but sit and wait for this baby.
Everything has paused.
And will remain on hold until this baby is in my arms.
This baby who has never before taken a breath, or had a belly full of warm milk, read more

The Portrait Series: 47/52

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He will always be my baby.

In these last few days or weeks before the baby comes, I find myself wanting endless cuddles.
Despite the heat, I want him close to me so I can study him exactly as he is right now.
The way he curls up in my lap so the top of his head rests just under my chin.
The way he still has pudgy hands and dimples where his knuckles will eventually be.
The way he says, “Mom.  Mom.  Mom.  Mom.”
And the way every time he says it, it makes me smile in wonder that I am read more

A Refreshing Pregnancy Mocktail

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This pregnancy mocktail ticks all of the prepartum boxes!
It is delicious.
It is refreshing.
And it helps to tone your uterus!
So if you are knocked up, knock one back!

Here is how to make the Red Raspberry Leaf Tea Mocktail.

Take a large glass.
Fill it half way with ice.
Add a handful or so of frozen raspberries…as many or as few as you like.
Fill the glass two thirds of the way with cold raspberry leaf tea.  I brew a big batch of raspberry leaf tea and then keep it read more

Zipping Up The Hospital Bag

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I have reached that point in the pregnancy.
That time when you start looking for signs…does the baby feel lower this morning, was that Braxton Hicks especially strong, do I feel nauseous because labour is imminent or simply because I ate too much cake for morning tea?

I think all women like to think their intuition is spot on when it comes to their babies.
But I openly admit I have no idea!
I have a vague feeling this one might be a girl.
But as for arrival date, it could be tomorrow or it read more

Sunday Styles: Body Image in Pregnancy

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Body image in pregnancy is a funny thing.

I don’t usually ponder my body…I certainly used to but I suppose these days I don’t have the time or the extra mental space to consider it much beyond the fact that it is functioning.
During pregnancy though I do spend a fair bit of time examining my body.
Mostly it is in wonderment.
I absolutely love being pregnant.  I think it is absolutely amazing.
It is an honour to be able to conceive and grow a baby.  It is not something that I take read more