The Portrait Series: 6/52

Portrait 1


Checking on the passion fruit vine in the backyard.
I think in another week or so we should have a bumper crop.
This has been one of those weeks.
As it was the first full week of kindy, I was eager for us to settle in to our new routines.
But we all ended up with gastro on Monday and were miserable at home for the first half of the week.
The only thing worse than having gastro is having gastro when it is almost forty degrees, humid, when you are still breastfeeding, and when read more

The Portrait Series: 5/52

Portrait 1


Hiding behind flowers seems to have become a bit of a theme.
That face!
The first year of a child’s life is a very selfless time…you give yourself almost entirely over to your baby. In doing that, the first year of a child’s life also is a very selfish time.  Over the past year, friends have baked me cakes, friends have dropped off bags of hand me downs, friends have entertained my eldest so I could have some time with my baby, friends have held my baby so I could have some time read more

Breastfeeding With Monkey & Mum

Monkey & Mum 1


I have been breastfeeding Lyddie now for over thirteen months.

She took to it right away.
As soon as I lifted her out of the birthing pool and placed her on my chest, she latched on and began feeding.
She hasn’t really eased up since!
I loved the early days of breastfeeding.  Those long feeds provided a perfect excuse to recover and to rest.  We would curl up in bed together, my computer, filled with seasons of The Newsroom, Downton Abby, and Orange Is The New Black, within reach.  Content to read more

The Portrait Series: 4/52

Portrait 1


 Hiding behind a hibiscus.
Her shirt* describes her perfectly, young and fearless.
After a fairly forgiving summer so far, this week the heat and humidity descended.
When Brisbane is at it hottest I prefer to get out of the house early, before the sun becomes too punishing.
But it seems as though Charlie senses that his holidays are coming to an end…he has been sleeping in until about 6:30.
By the time he rouses, we eat, and are all dressed and ready to go, you can already feel and even see read more

Anything Goes Thermomix Bircher Muesli

Thermomix Bircher Muesli


We are primarily a porridge family.
Most mornings, my Thermomix is whirring away, cooking porridge for four.
But come summer, I do love changing it up and making this Thermomix bircher muesli…or cold porridge as Charlie calls it.

This recipe is really adaptable.
You can really throw in whatever you happen to have on hand…as the title of this post says, anything goes.

2 pieces of fruit, roughly chopped
I generally use one apple and a piece of whatever else happens to read more