A Return To Green Smoothies


Green Smoothies

I know.
It’s almost the new year.
Here come the resolutions, the word of the year explanations, the wellbeing posts, the health challenges, the 2016 is going to be the best ever affirmations.
Go ahead and roll your eyes.
I know this is nothing new.
But I hope that you will hear me out…and maybe even join me for a green smoothie or two!

When Lyddie was a baby and was exclusively breastfeeding, I found it relatively easy to maintain a healthy diet.
First of all I was hungry all of the time!
And I think the constant food in, breastmilk out served as a fairly demonstrative reminder that what I was eating needed to nourish both of us.  I reached for homemade muffins, yogurt with stewed fruit stirred through, salads topped with haloumi.
But as she began to eat more solid foods, that link in my mind between food and nourishment seemed to weaken.  Even though she is still breastfeeding regularly, I became less conscientious about my diet.  I grab a coffee and called that morning tea, I graze on the kids leftovers for lunch, a piece (or two) of chocolate gives me a sugary afternoon boost.
I can definitely feel the effects.  I am tired.  Really tired.  I know some of the tiredness can be attributed to being the mother of young children.  But I have been here before.  And I know that the dragging, sluggish tiredness stems more from diet than from lack of sleep.
I figure some simple changes will help me feel more energised.
And those simple changes will come in smoothie form!

I always find with resolutions, if you want to reach your goal, you must have a plan.
I have started following Charlie’s Fruit Market on Instagram so I can snap up amazing deals like two dollars for a thirteen kilo box of bananas and nineteen dollars for eight kilos of mangos.
All of those bananas and mangoes (minus some mangos that were eaten right away and a few bananas that went into a banana cake) have been chopped, portioned, and frozen.
I have been bookmarking recipes (yes, in this day and age of Pinterest, I still bookmark).
And, probably most importantly, I want to drink green smoothies!

I am hoping that the rest of the family will join me in my green smoothie drinking…the vegetable adverse Charlie downed his first green smoothies and asked for more!
And I hope that you will join me too!
Beyond drinking a green smoothie every (or at least most) days, I am not really sure what this challenge will look like.
I think I will post recipes along with photos of smoothies (or more likely Lyddie covered in smoothie) on Facebook and Instagram.
Should I add a hashtag?
Can you have a healthy challenge without a hashtag?
Should I buy a mason jar?

Do you drink green smoothies?
What is your favourite recipe?

This first smoothie came from Simple Green Smoothies.
2 cups spinach
2 cups water
Blend until smooth.  In my Thermomix, I blended for about 4 seconds on speed 8.
1 cup mango
1 cup pineapple
2 bananas
Blend until smooth.  In my Thermomix, I blended for about 30 seconds on speed 8.  I prefer my smoothies to be cold so I used frozen mango and frozen pineapple but you could use all fresh fruit.