Postpartum Provisions Food Delivery

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Brisbane Food Delivery For New Mamas!

We believe in mothers thriving!
A nourished mother positively transforms the future of herself and her family.
We believe that a nourished mother is the healthy heart of her family and of her community.
And that is why we want to care for mothers…we know that you are focused on caring for others, so let us care for you!

Giving birth is just the beginning…the early days of motherhood are full and can feel full on!
Good nutrition is vital in those first few days and weeks…it can be the difference between feeling like you are just surviving and feeling like you are thriving.

We recognise that you appreciate the importance of nourishing food.  And we know that the last thing you want to think about is meal planning and cooking!
With us in the kitchen, you get meals made from scratch, made with the highest quality ingredients, and made with care!

We cook meals designed to make you feel healthy and happy.  Happy tummy, happy mummy!
And because we cook everything for you and deliver it to your door, our food makes caring for yourself easy!

Postpartum Provisions will not only supply you with seasonal meals made with the highest quality ingredients, but our food will help you meet all of your new mama needs.
Recovering from birth, beginning your breastfeeding journey, and finding your feet as a mother require energy that we know you feel like you don’t have.  Let our healing, energising, and comforting food allow you to thrive!
And yes, you read that right…this meal pack will be delivered to your door!

Taking cues from Ayurvedic practices, the Mama Meal Pack serves up healing, comforting meals all individually packaged so you can grab one, heat it up, and enjoy.  With five breakfasts, five mains, and plenty of snacks, the Mama Meal Pack will help you handle everything new motherhood throws at you!

The Mama Snack Pack provides easy sustenance…while you use one hand to support your feeding baby, you can use your other hand to feed yourself!  Satisfying, delicious, and full of ingredients that help boost milk supply, a cup of tonic and a lactation biscuit will bolster you through long afternoons and through long nights.

The DIY Pack is perfect for prepping your pantry for postpartum.  These meals require adding things like water and the milk of your choice, but are easy to prepare and quick to cook.  You will feel better knowing that you have traditional postpartum staples stored and ready to go.

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So how exactly does this work?
You order by midnight on Wednesday and we will deliver your meals to you on the following Monday.

In the Meal Pack you get
5 serves of GF vegan roasted orange and hazelnut bircher
5 serves of GF vegan roasted chickpea biryani
450g bag of Bask & Co GF vegan almond and coconut granola clusters
The cost of the Meal Pack is $125.00.

In the Snack Pack you will receive
15 GF vegan chocolate ginger lactation biscuits
500ml citrus, ginger, turmeric tonic (about 10 serves)
The cost of the Snack Pack is $25.00.
The lactation biscuits can be shipped around Australia, the cost including postage is $25.00.

In the DIY Pack you will receive
450g Nepali rice pudding mix
450g moong dhal kitchari mix
450g dried mulberry and coconut overnight oats mix
The cost of the DIY Pack is $35.00.
The DIY Pack can be shipped around Australia, the cost including postage is $45.00.

All of our food is GF and vegan.  If you have any allergies or dietary requirements, please contact us before ordering…we will do my best to accomodate you.
If you are ordering for someone else (first up…you are amazing…this meal pack is the perfect gift), please fill the gift section of the booking form.  Your pack will be delivered with a card.
If you would like to order a gift card (you are also amazing and the new mama you gift this to will love you forever), please contact us.

You want more?
We will soon be rolling out add ons like family meals, bone broths, and additional packs…so stay tuned!

And of course these meal packs can be ordered by anyone…not just new mothers!
You’re pregnant and working full time and renovating and doing all the things…except cooking?  We’ve got you!
Your partner is gone for the week and while the kids are happy with Weet Bix for dinner, you want something more?  We’ve got you!
Your friend has been in hospital and needs some extra care but you don’t have time to make them a meal.  We’ve got you!

Brisbane Postpartum Food Delivery

Brisbane Postpartum Food Delivery

Brisbane Postpartum Food Delivery


We also care for Mother Earth.
We source our ingredients from farms that support organic and sustainable practices.
We use packing that can (and should) be recycled.
We compost all food scraps.

We have a Food Safety Certificate, a Brisbane City Council food business license, an Eat Safe Brisbane three star rating, and we cook out of the commercial kitchens at Wandering Cooks.

Our founder Caitlin has been cooking these dishes for my postpartum clients for over three years.  She am thrilled to now offer these healing, comforting meals to mothers all over Brisbane.

Brisbane postpartum food delivery