A Very Local Christmas



Christmas feels like it is coming especially quickly this year.
Last year anticipating Christmas became entwined with waiting for a baby and so the time prior to the holidays seemed long and drawn out.
This year it seems like Christmas will be the culmination of a bustling six weeks.
I am not sure if I am ready.

As I have done for the past few Christmases, I am trying to purchase most of our presents locally.
I enjoy the process of buying gifts.
I like thinking about who needs what and how I can put a special spin on something that might otherwise be a mundane purchase.
I like thinking about gifts that go beyond the practical…everyone needs a surprise under the tree.
I like shopping.  It is nice to take some time alone or with just the smallest in tow to admire the beautiful holiday displays (Biome in Paddington has an especially stunning Christmas window), to browse, to contemplate, and to eventually purchase what I hope is an appreciated gift.  When seeking presents, I tend to visit shops and websites that I frequent regularly…I am familiar with the offerings and often know before entering what I hope to purchase.
Last year I admittedly went a bit Christmas present crazy.  I was worried that the excitement (and disruption) of a new baby would overshadow the magic of the day and so I overcompensated.  It was a mistake that I have vowed never to make again.
This year I am reminding myself that more presents does not make Christmas more enchanting…rather just more overwhelming.
I am enjoying shopping more mindfully…and locally!

Here are a few of my favourite local shops.

Paper Boat Press
Beautifully simple ceramics.  And Kylie, the artist, is incredibly genuine and generous.  Popping into her shop is always a pleasure.
Charlie and Lyddie are each getting a vase magnet to hold the bits of foraged nature that tend to end up forgotten in pockets.
Quote tags, magnets, and ornaments will liven vouchers gifted to teachers.

Cocoon Petite Living
Cocoon stocks an enticing selection of children’s clothes including quite a few socially conscious brands.
The staff who work at Cocoon are lovely…welcoming towards children and full of helpful suggestions (like when I mentioned that it always seems like our good hats go missing, they advised writing my mobile number next to my child’s name so that the hat might be returned).
We recently bought Charlie a pair of Cienta shoes and he (who generally prefers to go barefoot) has actually been wearing them!  So Lyddie is getting a pair for Christmas.  And both Charlie and Lyddie are getting wide brimmed hats.

I visit Biome just about every week.  We get our toothpaste, deodorant, sunscreen, and Loving Earth products there.  Quite simply, I just adore Biome…I would happily take the entire shop home with me, including the smell!  The Biome stores have to be the best smelling stores around…if you know what makes them smell so good, please let me in on the secret!
Most of the gifts that Santa gives the kids are things that they need anyway.  This year their stockings will be filled with toothbrushes and toothpaste, Camelback water bottles, some Lyra pencils, and a few seed packets.
Our gifts to them are framed Studio Cockatoo prints…a dinosaur for Charlie and a watermelon for Lyddie.
And teachers are getting Biome gift cards.

Presents of Mind
Charlie and Lyddie are each getting a few presents from this brilliant shop.
If you have to buy for a child and aren’t quite sure what to get, I would highly recommend visiting Presents of Mind.  Just tell them the age and the gender of the child and perhaps some general interests and they will help you pick out a perfect present.  I am confident that the cousins and the kids who live next door will love the gifts that Presents of Mind helped me choose.
Beautiful books, Melissa & Doug puzzles, and a few sticker pads…I can’t wait to see Charlie and Lyddie unwrap their gifts on Christmas morning.

Baby Goes Retro
Kids always seem to need clothes!  They just keep on growing!
I picked up a few Maxomorra organic cotton pieces during a recent sale so they will be wrapped and put under the tree.
They are not really at ages where they are particularly excited about clothes, but clothes tick the “something to wear” box.  And I get excited about Baby Goes Retro clothes!

As we get closer and closer to Christmas, I will likely think of more and more people that I would like to buy gifts for.  I know that I can take care of anyone remaining on my list at Showroom.
I would happily live at Showroom…or at least spend hours browsing..  You cannot go wrong.

And my wish list?

A pair of Christina Lowry earrings and an endota organic facial.
I would also say a Little Tienda blouse but I just did some birthday shopping for myself and am expecting my new Little Tienda dress to arrive any day now!

What is on your list this year?
Where are you shopping?

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