Diaper Surprises

I was just talking to my sister…she doesn’t have any children yet…and she said that she was bored by the breastfeeding talk and wanted a post about something exciting…like poo! So Auntie D, this one is for you!While Baby C’s poos amaze me on a daily basis…how can something that little produce so much poo…there have been two times that I have been truly shocked and awed.The first time was when Baby C was just a few weeks old. I had him up on the changing table and was in the middle read more

Cloth Nappies

Just a quick word on cloth nappies…I really wanted to love them…but I don’t.At the start of this whole baby thing I decided that I would use cloth nappies…I thought both economically and environmentally it was the responsible thing to do. So I went to my local cloth nappy store…yes there is such a thing…and got the low down on cloth diapers. I had seen the all in one nappies and thought they seemed manageable in terms of washing and ease of use…I definitely wanted a cloth diaper read more


I realized I starting posting without properly introducing myself! I am mother of four month old Baby C, wife of Daddy R and owner of Puppy S. Originally from America, I have been living in Australia for almost five years now. While I still miss aspects of the good old US of A…mostly food items like Cinnamon Toast Crunch, real lemonade and all things involving peanut butter…Brisbane has become home. When I am not on maternity leave…love it and am hoping to win the lotto so the rest of read more

What to REALLY expect…

I was reading a friend of a friend’s blog and she did an entry about the ubiquitous book What to Expect When You’re Expecting. For those of you who haven’t had a baby since the Dr. Spock era, What to Expect is the must have manual for moms to be. It is a helpful guide to pregnancy but it does provide a rather vanilla version of the whole experience. So, inspired by both the book and a fellow blogger I thought I would jot down some of my thoughts about what you may really expect of pregnancy read more