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Admittedly, as my last day of work was in early November, I have been on holiday for a while.
Although now that my baby has arrived, my days have taken on a decidedly different and more relaxed tone.

Convinced that my baby was going to come early, the first week or so of my maternity leave saw me manically trying to work my way through my to do list…getting my eyebrows threaded, dealing with a pile of paperwork, buying a few last minute baby bits, collecting the items recommended by read more

An Advent Calendar Of (Mostly) Activities



Say what?
It is December?
Surely I am not the only one in denial.
But here it is, December 2 and (past) time to bring out the advent calendar.
My mother, a crafting queen, made C a quilted advent calendar with a pocket for each day.
It beautiful but massive…its slightly imposing size makes me feel like I need to do something advent-y that is worthy of such a masterpiece.
So this year, we are trying advent activities.

The plan is to do a Christmas project (nearly) every day.
I read more

All I Want For Christmas



As this baby is due at the beginning of December, I started planning for Christmas back in October.
I think I have things mostly under control.
Which is to say I am super paranoid about the impending life change and the effect it will have on C and this preemptive mother guilt has caused me to buy a Christmas present for him every time I am at the shops so I now have trains and Lego and kinetic sand squirrelled away all over the house.
Shopping haphazardly while sweating profusely is not really my idea of a Christmasy good read more

Memories With My Baby Moments – A GIVEAWAY

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Way back when in 2011 when I had my first baby, I didn’t have a blog where I recorded moments and memories.
What I did have was a baby book and Facebook.
The baby book was seriously underused…I filled it out religiously for about three weeks and then essentially abandoned it.
Facebook was seriously overused…wanting to keep in touch with family and friends overseas, I posted updates and photos far too frequently.
I started this blog when C was about five months old and, while it is special to me and I hope that one read more

Community, Connection, And A Liebster Award

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Absolutely ages ago Bec from Bloggers Bazaar and Shari from Good Food Week nominated me for a Liebster Award.
What is a Liebster Award you ask?
Basically a blogger asks ten other bloggers ten questions, we all answer, and then we ask ten more bloggers ten more questions.
And on and on and on it goes!

I love exercises like this one.
Because the two parts of blogging that I love the most are the community and the connection.
The real action on a blog is in the comments.
I share and you share and we are brought read more