Super Quick, Super Delicious Postpartum Thermomix Biscuits

ayurvedic postpartum biscuits


When you consider traditional postpartum foods, the aims are generally to gently aid digestion and to replace what was lost in pregnancy and childbirth.
A new mother has high nutritional needs and a low metabolism.  In Ayurvedic terms, she needs to replace the earth and water that has been lost in childbirth while being mindful of her low digestive fire. She needs to eat simple foods that provide instantly accessible energy – essentially whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and read more

Thermomix Postpartum Porridge

Thermomix Postpartum Porridge


I know, I know…when you have a newborn breakfast NEVER looks like the above photo!
But you don’t have to be a new mother to enjoy this porridge.
While the ingredients were specifically chosen to support Ayurvedic suggestions regarding recovering from childbirth, this Thermomix Postpartum Porridge can be enjoyed by anyone.
Whenever I make this for a new mothers, I am reminded of how good it is and I always end up making some for myself too!
And yes, with a six year old and a two read more

Thermomix Banana Cake

Banana Cake 1


We go through a lot of bananas in this house.
My usual mid-week Woolies shop is always (at least) milk, bread, bananas.
But because of this heat, the bananas are over-ripening before my monkeys can eat them.
Luckily all those brown bananas can be used to make this delicious Thermomix banana cake!
I found the recipe over at The Annoyed Thyroid and it is a winner.
I make it with less sugar than suggested so I can serve it for morning tea and add it to lunch boxes.
I leave the icing off too although I read more

Anything Goes Thermomix Bircher Muesli

Thermomix Bircher Muesli


We are primarily a porridge family.
Most mornings, my Thermomix is whirring away, cooking porridge for four.
But come summer, I do love changing it up and making this Thermomix bircher muesli…or cold porridge as Charlie calls it.

This recipe is really adaptable.
You can really throw in whatever you happen to have on hand…as the title of this post says, anything goes.

2 pieces of fruit, roughly chopped
I generally use one apple and a piece of whatever else happens to read more

A Return To Green Smoothies

Green Smoothies


I know.
It’s almost the new year.
Here come the resolutions, the word of the year explanations, the wellbeing posts, the health challenges, the 2016 is going to be the best ever affirmations.
Go ahead and roll your eyes.
I know this is nothing new.
But I hope that you will hear me out…and maybe even join me for a green smoothie or two!

When Lyddie was a baby and was exclusively breastfeeding, I found it relatively easy to maintain a healthy diet.
First of all I was hungry all of the read more