Zipping Up The Hospital Bag


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I have reached that point in the pregnancy.
That time when you start looking for signs…does the baby feel lower this morning, was that Braxton Hicks especially strong, do I feel nauseous because labour is imminent or simply because I ate too much cake for morning tea?

I think all women like to think their intuition is spot on when it comes to their babies.
But I openly admit I have no idea!
I have a vague feeling this one might be a girl.
But as for arrival date, it could be tomorrow or it could be in four weeks time (please please please do not let me still be pregnant in four weeks time).
I am hoping that as the day draws near, I start picking up on signals from my body and my baby.
In the meantime, my hospital bag is ready to go!
For the record, C thinks this baby is a girl and will be arriving on November 21…I do think toddlers perceive things that adults miss so I am interested to see if his instinct is correct!

Let’s unzip the bag and see what is in there!

First up, the essentials for labour.

A water bottle.
Some healthy snacks…coconut water, dried fruit, homemade muesli bars, bananas…enough to sustain both me and R throughout the labour and once we are on the ward.
My phone and charger.
My camera.
A hair tie.
My hypnobirthing relaxation tracks.

Next up, the necessities for after the birth.

Everyone says buy new granny panties.
I say why buy new undies that you are never going to wear again?
I totally agree that post partum underwear needs to be comfortable and it needs to be big.
Perhaps it is just me, but I have more than enough pairs of knickers that fit that description already in my underwear drawer!
I have packed those.
And instead of spending money on pregnancy undies, once everything is said and done I will replenish supplies with a few pretty pairs.

Nursing bras.
They truly are the workhorses of the lingerie world.
I personally like the Bonds nursing bras and nursing singlets.
I found the singlets to be especially useful as they a) kind of contain that post baby jelly belly and b) you can throw one on with a kimono and some yoga pants and you are dressed in an outfit that is not only easy to feed in but is also acceptable to wear outside of the house…of course they also pair perfectly with pyjama pants.

Loose fitting, comfortable clothes.
I know many people are pro pyjamas but, at least last time, I found that waking up, showering, and getting dressed helped me feel human.
Plus when you are in hospital, you have midwives looking after you and your baby sleeps!
I took full advantage of this and would wheel C in his little plastic cot into the bathroom and take a long, hot shower while he dozed.  Then I would poke and prod and generally examine my body which still looked about six months pregnant…amazed that the baby who I had only known on the inside was now outside, sleeping peacefully while my hormone riddled brain tried to come to terms with the wondrous concept that is birth.  Finally I would pull on a pair of floaty harem pants, a button down shirt, and a scarf and settle in for a day of figuring out how to breastfeed.
I found the combination of internal temperature altering hormones and hospital air conditioning meant that I was sweating one moment and freezing the next so I have packed layers…nursing tanks, an oversized button down, a cardigan, scarves.
For the record, once I was home, no longer in the care of midwives, and had a baby who was wide awake and not always happy about it, I no longer started the day freshly showered and dressed!
And one other clothing note, don’t forget some flip flops for the shower!

Finally, a few luxuries.

I have packed all of my favourite toiletries including my mascarasee point above about wanting to feel human.
A friend gave me a Glasshouse Fragrances Hand Creme which I have tucked into my bag.  Although I don’t want it so much for my hands as for my feet!  Last time, so much shifting fluid settled in my feet and I would have loved a foot massage.  By having the lotion at the ready, I am halfway there…just need to put R to work!
My BioOil is also making the trip to the hospital with me.  Not only does the air conditioning make my skin feel dry and tight but last time I continued to use BioOil on my tummy until it had returned to normal…I imagine that my stretched skin needs all the nourishment it can get.

A change of clothes and a toothbrush for R, a few teeny tiny size 0000 singlets and wonder suits, a newborn hat because I simply cannot resist a newborn in a hat, a present for the baby to give C, of course a stash of maternity pads, a tube or two of Lansinoh, and some pawpaw ointment…and I think that is it!
I would also love to pack a gin and tonic, blue cheese, chocolate, and my pillow!
And is tucking a book in there just jinxing myself?

What am I missing?
What is the best thing you packed in your birth bag?

That beautiful bag was gifted to me by The Luxe Project.  It is actually a nappy bag and will soon be stocked with diapers, wipes, muslins…and most likely trains, dinosaurs, and crumbs.
And if you are interested here was my take on what to pack in your the hospital bag after having baby number one.