How I Work

Hypnobirthing Brisbane

I offer Brisbane based Hypnobirthing Australia classes and postpartum doula services with the goal of enabling you to feel positive about birth and feel good doing motherhood your way!

How will you feel after taking a hypnobirthing class with me?

  • You will understand natural birth and no longer see it as something that is unattainable or something to be feared.
    You will feel confident in your body’s ability to birth your baby.
    You will start looking forward to giving birth!
  • You and your partner will be on the same page.  With the same knowledge, a birth plan you both feel good about, and plenty of techniques in your birthing tool kit, your partner will feel capable of supporting you and you will feel certain that you will work together to bring your baby into the world.
  • You will feel in control.  You will appreciate the process of natural birth and also have a full understanding of common medical interventions.  You will know all of your options and you will be armed with a decision making process to help you make informed choices during your pregnancy and birth.  You will have strategies for communicating with your caregivers and a well thought out birth plan.  You will feel ready to own this experience, to face any challenges, and to emerge from your birth experience feeling empowered.

You will truly believe that birth CAN be positive and that you DESERVE a positive birth!

Hypnobirthing Brisbane

I believe that birth matters.
Birth is transformative.
You will always remember the day that you welcome your baby into the world…and you will always remember how you felt during that experience and how you felt about yourself after that experience.
Our culture so often minimises the importance of birth and undermines our belief that we have the ability to birth.
I am passionate about changing this status quo and working with families to recognise the power inherent in a positive birth experience.

I believe that birth is just the beginning.
Learning to trust your self, your body, and your baby through pregnancy and birth is crucial to thriving in those first few weeks of motherhood.
Learning to find your voice and to advocate for your child is an invaluable skill and once that you will return to again and again.
Birth is big…but it is only one of the first steps of your parenting journey.

Birth is my passion!
I would never ask my clients to commit to birth without fully committing to it myself!
I simply love learning about birth…the more I know, the more I want to know.
Whenever possible, I engage in education and professional development…this both satisfies my need to know and means that I am constantly gathering more information and skills to pass onto my clients.
I am confident in my knowledge and I am confident I can help my clients overcome any challenges so they can have a positive birth!

Now that you know more my approach and what you can expect from working with me, have a look at my hypnobirthing page to get more details about the classes themselves.