Welcoming Spring

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Springtime is upon us.

And that means Father’s Day and the Queens Birthday long weekend and Halloween and the start of the holiday season!
Insert screaming in fear face emoji here.
As an expat, I am always somewhat confused by this time of year…I have been living in Brisbane for over ten years now but somehow springtime as a sign that Christmas is coming still doesn’t seem right.

While I love all the community events and the excitement that is heading our way (how good is Christmas with kids), I am well aware of the overcommitment that comes along with the end of the school year and the holiday season.
There are the art shows and the special assemblies.
There are catch ups with friends and work holiday parties.
I know it seems crazy to be talking about this now, but I am already getting emails about all these events.
Insert screaming in fear face emoji again.

As I had to remind myself to take it slow, I thought you might need a reminder too…a reminder to acknowledge our eagerness to be a part of everything but also to acknowledge that lots of little things end up taking time away from the big things.
For me the big things I want to protect are family traditions and my sanity (come November I still want to be excited about Christmas…not having to constantly take relaxation breaths)!
So give yourself permission to add only one thing at a time, to evaluate your schedule before committing, to say no.
I guarantee your December self will thank you.

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