Welcome Winta – A Hypnobirthing Birth Story


Winta Bella-Rayne Funaki
A hypnobirthing birth story written by her beautiful mother, Opium.
Opium is the mom boss behind Oil Theory.
She is passionate about educating other mothers about the benefits of doTERRA essential oils and inspiring them to make small, practical changes that have a big, positive impact!
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June 23 2016

At 420am on a rainy winter morning, I woke up to a warm trickle running down my inner thighs.  I realised that my waters had broken and it was time to meet our little spirit.  I rolled over to my lover, Joel, and I gracefully brought his attention to the puddle in the bed.
He jumped up like a cow jumping OVER THE MOON!  He helped me to the shower, added clary sage to the diffuser, turned our stary night lights on, and helped me back to bed.  After creating this calm environment, we just cuddled each other, listening to that beautiful rain, drifted back to sleep, cherishing being just the two of us.
Sounds so blissful right…well not for long!

Around 600am my contractions came with force and with consistency.
So there we were, just the two of us, about to become three, labour dancing in our master bedroom, looking out at the rain dropping gently on the palms on our balcony.
I had birthing affirmations and visions that I had stuck on our glass doors.  My body knows exactly what to do.  Every surge brings my baby closer to me.  These affirmations were as powerful to me as any drug.
I felt connected to my baby, connected to my womb, connected to myself.
I applied clary sage to a washer, held it to my nose, inhaling confidence, exhaling fear.  Not only did it have a physical effect, but the clary sage had this ability to distract my brain from the pain.  It gave me mental strength and confidence, I felt safe.  I believe not only did it have this effect on me, but my partner was so calm, reassuring, supportive, and focused that it must have had power over him too.

My sister arrived as an additional support for our beautiful birthing day, and she documented my whole labour and birth…yes I know how special it is to have my entire birth on video!  She was my helping hand and of course my photographer, but she allowed this wonderful experience to be wholeheartedly with my lover, Joel.
The oxytocin was running hight.  We smiled, laughed, cried, danced, and sang pure JOY.

After labouring for around 12 hours I decided it was time to make a move to the hospital.  Little did I know I still had 6 hours until we met our little spirit.
Around 800pm I demanded the midwife cut the baby out of my nose!  I remember saying, “I don’t care anymore, I just want it out.  Thanks to the Hypnobirthing Australia course that we did, I knew that I was in transition and that our baby was getting ready to perform an incredible act – to transition from womb to earth.
Joel reminded me to breathe and to connect with our little spirit.  I held the washer drenched with clary sage up to my nose and inhaled, I breathed myself back down to a place of relaxation and calm.

At 1044pm Winta Bella-Rayne Funaki, 7.6 pounds and 51 centimeters, made her entrence to our arms.
It was the most tranquil arrival.  The air was filled with clary sage, it was warm and dark, it was calm and safe.  In my birth preferences, I had requested quiet voices the midwife was so supportive, whispering to me, “You did an amazing job, look at your beautiful baby.”
I delivered Winta pulling her through my legs onto my chest.

At this stage we had no idea if we had a girl or a boy.  My partner was so convinced we were having a boy “Fred” we didn’t even think to look…we were in a trance of love.
My sister was crying, “Look, Op,” and as we did she said, “It’s a girl.”
My eyes filled with tears of joy.  I have a GIRL.  I can be the mother that I never had.  The mother and daughter bond that I never experienced as a baby, child, teenager, I can be the mother who holds your hand to bring life into the world with you.
I looked down at Winta and said, “I will be the light in your guidance, provide you with unconditional love, and do my very best to bring you pure happiness.  I loved you from the beginning, 9 months ago.  You, Winta Bella-Rayne, are my little spirit.”

I did it!
I never had one moment of fear, just pure trust in myself and my baby.
I worked for this experience to be fearless…I set myself up for success.
Meditation, yoga, I wateched endless birth videos of YouTube, and of course Caitlin taught us the magic of hypnobirthing!

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