Sunday Styles: Body Image in Pregnancy


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Body image in pregnancy is a funny thing.

I don’t usually ponder my body…I certainly used to but I suppose these days I don’t have the time or the extra mental space to consider it much beyond the fact that it is functioning.
During pregnancy though I do spend a fair bit of time examining my body.
Mostly it is in wonderment.
I absolutely love being pregnant.  I think it is absolutely amazing.
It is an honour to be able to conceive and grow a baby.  It is not something that I take lightly.
But I must admit that sometimes it is in disgust.
A sort of baffled disgust…I know I am being totally irrational thinking about my love handles when I am also sporting a gorgeous bump.
Even though the negative thoughts generally only last for a moment…by the time I turn away from the mirror I am thinking about something else…I still have had that thought.
I get frustrated with myself for thinking this way.

Last time around I was working full time and was fairly active on the weekends so I basically lived in a combination of scrubs and Lorna Jane workout attire.
I didn’t really have to delve into the world of maternity wear at all.
This time around I have to get properly dressed four days a week.
And I think trying to find maternity clothes that don’t make me feel like a sausage or like a tent is part of what is contributing to me thinking more about my appearance.  

So what do I do to combat negative thoughts about my body?

The best remedy is always to focus on the bump.
I love my bump…it is big and filled with a baby!
I am in awe of what my body has done and is going to do.
Reminding myself of the little being who is thriving inside my body and because of my body always helps to put things like double chins in perspective!

Finding maternity clothes that make me feel stylish and good about myself also helps.
The dress in the photo is from LILYA and I plan on wearing it until this baby arrives.
And because it has buttons and will be easy to breastfeed in, I plan on wearing it well after the baby arrives!
The fabric is light.
The colour is bright.
It highlights the bump and skims over everything else.
I know I have a huge mountain of an abdomen, but this dress makes me feel normal and normal for me is not considering what my body looks like.

I am grateful that my body is nurturing this baby.
While I may poke and prod, I trust that my body is an expert when it comes to providing this baby with what it needs and if that means I need some extra back fat, then bring on the back fat!
And I know I will miss the bump…and everything that goes along with it…once this baby arrives.

Did you love or loathe your body when you were pregnant?
Or did you not think about it?

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