Hypnobirthing Australia Course


Hypnobirthing Australia Course


Product Description


Congratulations on your pregnancy!
With your baby growing beautifully, safe inside your belly, you have begun a very special journey.
A journey towards birth.
A journey towards motherhood.

It’s likely that you have a whole list of questions about pregnancy, labour, and birth.
But no answers.
Perhaps you have a vision of your ideal birth experience.
But you aren’t entirely sure how to make this a reality.
You might have heard of hypnobirthing.
But you aren’t really sure what it entails.

You have come to the right place!
I love teaching hypnobirthing.
Having had two beautiful hypnobirths myself, Hypnobirthing Australia is a program that I absolutely believe in.
I feel honoured to be able to help other women achieve the birth they desire.

I will listen to your questions.
I will provide you with evidence-based information.
I will teach you the techniques you need to make your vision of birth a reality.
I will enable you to make informed choices and to advocate for yourself and for your baby.

Within you is the ability to birth your baby calmly and with confidence.
I will help you realise this ability.
You will finish your hypnobirthing course trusting your body, trusting your baby, trusting birth.

I teach the Hypnobirthing Australia Course at The MAMA Centre in East Brisbane.
The course runs over two consecutive Saturdays from 9:00 to about 4:00 each day.
The course dates for 2016 are:
October 15 and October 22
November 5 and November 12
The cost is $550.00 and includes twelve hours of instruction, a fear release, a folio of resources, four Australian hypnobirthing tracks, morning tea, and additional support if needed.
Some of the strategies you will learn are relaxation exercises, affirmations, visualisations, massage, self-hypnosis, breathing techniques, a decision making framework, and empowering your birth partner to feel confident in their role.

Talking about birth is one of my favourite activities so please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.