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FREE Workshop for Pregnant Mamas


A FREE Workshop for pregnant couples in Brisbane where you will learn about how you can prepare for a smooth transition to motherhood.

Come along and discover how to avoid feeling stressed and anxious and instead experience a postpartum period where you feel calm, confident, supported, and in love.

Don’t wait until you baby is in your arms…learn how now!


Product Description

Birth isn’t just about new babies, it is about new mothers too!
We tend to focus so much on the birth and on the baby, that we forget about the mother.
But nurturing you as a new mother is crucial to the wellbeing of your family.

Do you worry about how you will cope as a new mother?
What you will do if you have a long, complicated birth or a caesarean section?
Are you feeling uneasy about life with a newborn?
Anxious about lack of sleep?
Concerned about breastfeeding?
Wondering about the transition to parenthood?
Apprehensive about what will happen with your relationship with your partner?
How you will get the support you need if you live far away from family and friends?
Do you have other children to look after?

Come along and discover how to avoid feeling overwhelmed and stressed.
You will learn easily actionable techniques to help you find peace and joy in the postpartum period.

We will cover the following and I will answer any questions you have about those first few weeks of parenthood.

 -what alloparenting is and how we were never meant to be mothering alone
-nourishing traditions from around the world to inspire you to get the support you need
-the postpartum hormone that will allow you to thrive
-three simple, practical ways to cope with the significant changes a beautiful baby brings to your life
-real stories of women becoming mothers

​This workshop is ideal for both mothers-to-be and their birth partners to attend.
Workshops are held monthly at The MAMA Centre in East Brisbane.
Please email for the date of the next workshop.


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