A Positive Induction – A Hypnobirthing Birth Story

Due to his work schedule, Nicole and Kevin opted for private classes.  When we began, Nicole still seemed somewhat hesitant about hypnobirthing.  Early on her pregnancy, she assumed she was going to have a caesarean and even though the more reading she did, the more she wanted to try for a more natural birth, I think it took a while for her to begin to think positively about all types of birth.  But she committed herself to practicing her hypnobirthing techniques and to maintaining an open and positive mindset.  By the end of her pregnancy she was feeling calm and confident and ready for birth…however it may eventuate.

Throughout her pregnancy there were some concerns about her baby’s size and these concerns increased in the last weeks.  She and her caregivers decided that an induction would be the best way forward.  And, because of what she learned in hypnobirthing, she was able to play a significant role in the decision making process and had induction preferences in place.  Her supportive caregivers worked with her to uphold these preferences and Nicole ended up having an extremely positive induction.

Here is Nicole’s birth story, in her words.

hypnobirthing birth story

I am feeling ever so proud and empowered.
We came a long long way considering that, at 18 weeks I told myself and friends I would have a c section. This was based mostly on fear and also on observation that due to my age I would be considered high risk for something.  At the time a natural birth seemed very foreign and unrealistic.

We are so thankful for our positive experience.  We are all on cloud nine at the moment!
I couldn’t wait to reach out and share our positive birth experience and to thank you for your wonderful program and all the support you offer along the way.

A healthy little baby girl entered this world on Sunday (39 weeks plus 1) at 4.17pm, weighing 2.55kg, alert and happy.

Originally Wednesday was presented as the optimal induction date but I wanted more time to consider. My preference was later in the week and I also wanted my known OB to be on call in case a c-section was required. The staff at Kindred were amazing in the way that they worked with me to ensure that I was given every opportunity to feel comfortable with and sure about our plan.
I was able to negotiate my induction to begin on Saturday which was exactly 39 weeks.  And my known OB, Will, offered to be on call on that weekend.
When they confirmed that I would be admitted on Saturday evening, instead of feeling apprehensive, I felt relaxed and excited.  I knew I was prepared.

On Saturday evening the ballon catheter was inserted. There was a little discomfort mainly caused by a full and constipated bowel but I managed to breath through the discomfort and get the balloons fully dilated. Unfortunately I did not get much sleep during the night due to cramping in both cervix and bowel as a result of a strong laxative.

At 8.20am my waters were broken and I was 3 centimetres dilated. As meconium was present in my waters, it was decided to get the sythentic oxytocin started sooner than later.
At around 10:00am the drip went in with minimal dosage allowing my body to react as naturally as possible. I rested on the bed, did a Fear Release, and had a short nap.
By 12:00pm I was feeling mild contractions and so I put my TENS machine on. The drip was turned up gradually (12mls in total) until contractions became regular.
As agreed prior to beginning the induction, once regular contractions started no more oxytocin was administered.

Once contractions started they were at a steady pace – 3 every ten minutes or so. Initially, I was able to breath through them.  And Kevin performed light touch massage constantly.
The portable foetal heart rate monitor was a little troublesome. It would cut out as I rocked and moved on the exercise ball, whilst in a relaxed hunched over position at the end of the bed during contractions.  Kevin and I were therefore a little distracted moving the heart rate monitor back into place after each contraction.
It was suggested that we put a trace on baby’s head when we had our next internal exam. It was quick and a good idea as it was less distracting than the portable monitor.  My midwife didn’t tell me how dilated I was but after the birth I was told that I was the same 3 centimetres that I had been when my water broke.  I’m glad that they didn’t tell me at the time as I would have been very disheartened.
I’m not sure what time the contractions shifted but I was no longer able to breath through the contractions as there was pressure building in my bottom. The contractions were longer and more intense and using my breath was not as effective as it had been. Each breath out was replaced by long drawn out sound.
I knew that I was labouring effectively, but I felt like I was getting tired and I was discouraged not knowing when the end would be and thinking that I still had a very long way to go.  I didn’t want to read in to the increasing pressure in my bottom.  “I can’t do this,” I grunted.  And I started moving differently on the exercise ball.

It was suggested I go and try and pass some urine. I went to the toilet and just sat. I was able to breath through the contractions again. It was a welcome break.

I returned and lent over bed. I felt that my baby was on the way, however I didn’t want to get my hopes up.

The midwives just let me do my thing. I was getting frustrated that no one was telling me my baby was close as I certainly could tell by now that the time was near.
I should have gone onto all fours sooner but I was resisting the urge to push not quite believing that I was actually doing this. I also would not give up my Tens machine.
Eventually my body and instinct took over.  I found the standing position was not very effective and eventually I went onto all fours and our baby was born!

I feel so very fortunate that I had a very smooth and quick delivery and I believe all of the following played a contributing factor:
– Hypnobirthing Australia techniques, self belief, and a focus on positive birth experiences
– being able to breathe through the contractions and therefore not requiring pharmacological pain relief
– my amazing husband and the amazing midwives at Kindred (they just get it)
– active birth classes, yoga at Yoga Baby, and an immense amount of walking (I love to walk and most days I would average 10km, listening to the affirmations and other positive birth tracks)
– 6 days leading up to induction I received acupuncture focusing on induction for labour – when it came time to start the induction, my cervix was ripe and had dilated 1 centimetre.

I still can’t believe that my body was able to do what it was meant to do.
It was an incredible !!!

The right knowledge and positivity are amazing powers!