The Portrait Series: 8/52



I am constantly amazed at how different my children are.
He is a picky eater.  She will eat anything.
He is physically timid but has no qualms about mud, touching insects, blood.  She is physically fearless but doesn’t like to get dirty, hates bugs, and if she gets a mosquito bite on her ankle she acts like her leg has been cut off!
He is often still.  She is never still.

I do like to think that our children can teach us more about ourselves than we could ever hope to learn if we went through life alone.
I feel fortunate that I have two teachers.
Two very different teachers.
Somedays the two of them reveal the best in me.
Other days they reveal the worst.
It is reassuring though, that both when I think I am succeeding as a parent and when I think I am failing, they love me all the same.

I hope you are having a relaxing and restorative Sunday!


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