The Portrait Series: 7/52



His beloved Puppy Bunny.
Puppy Bunny is looking worse for wear but I suppose that is what happens when you are a primary source of comfort for over five years!
His tag fell off (or was chewed off) years ago.
His feet have worn away.
I am not sure if he has eyes anymore.
But he is loved.
And needed.
I am sure Charlie could sleep without him but I know he wouldn’t ever choose to.

I must admit, in those early years, Puppy Bunny was a bit of a parenting crutch.
When, for whatever reason, I couldn’t soothe Charlie, I knew that Puppy Bunny could.
And so I encouraged the bond.
I know some day Charlie won’t need Puppy Bunny.
He might add him to the pile of stuffed animals in the corner of his room, or he might create a special place on his bookshelf for Puppy Bunny, but no longer will Puppy Bunny be held tightly in his hand and nestled in under his nose.

Does your little one have a comforter?
How old were they when they began to leave their comforter behind?

And just quietly, after more than five years of being a primary source of comfort, I think I look worse for wear too…I feel you Puppy Bunny!

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