The Portrait Series: 6/52


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Luckily his school isn’t strict about uniforms…so he can wear mismatched socks.
That face!

Week three is done and dusted.
Is it bad that I am counting down to week ten and school holidays already?

Charlie is LOVING school.
He comes home every day absolutely bursting with stories of things that happened in the classroom, at lunch time, and in their nature play area.
But he is tired.
Exhausted really.
I can see in his eyes that he needs rest, but I find that he has trouble falling asleep at night.
I think his mind is racing, processing all that experienced that day.
And I imagine that, as his prep days do involve more sitting at a desk than his kindy days did, he still has pent up physical energy.
We are experimenting…trying an early dinner followed by some outdoor play, a combination of essential oils and relaxing music after his bed time books.
We will get there.
He will adjust.
We will adjust.
And then it will be holidays!

Do you find your little one has difficulty winding down after a day at school?
What helps?

One unexpected bonus of the structure of the school routine is that Charlie and Lyddie seem much more content to play together.
I think because they don’t see as much of each other, they happily engage before and after school.
I always think I should use that time to get a few household chores done, but they are so cute I generally end up sitting quietly in the corner just watching them!

How is the school year treating you?