The Portrait Series: 4/52


Portrait 1

Portrait 2

 Hiding behind a hibiscus.
Her shirt* describes her perfectly, young and fearless.

After a fairly forgiving summer so far, this week the heat and humidity descended.
When Brisbane is at it hottest I prefer to get out of the house early, before the sun becomes too punishing.
But it seems as though Charlie senses that his holidays are coming to an end…he has been sleeping in until about 6:30.
By the time he rouses, we eat, and are all dressed and ready to go, you can already feel and even see the heat.
So instead of a longer walk to the cafe, we have been opting for a shorter walk around the block.  Followed by an air conditioned drive to the cafe…and an iced latte!

Are you ready for school to start back up again?
I read this piece about what chefs pack their children for lunch.
Definitely more inventive than the simple lunches I pack for Charlie and Lyddie, but interesting all the same.  And couscous in a thermos might be a winning idea come winter.

As always, I am linking up with Jodi at Practicing Simplicity.
And as always, I hope you have had a great weekend!

*Melissa from Aster & Oak generously sent Lyddie this fair-trade organic cotton tee shirt.  The quality is is noticeable…lovely, soft fabric and the chemical free printing is supple.  I am also grateful for the generous sizing as it means she will get plenty of wear out of it.