The Portrait Series: 16/52




Glued to their respective screens.
Power Rangers Dino Charge for him.
Peppa Pig for her.

School holidays were lovely.
Lots of slow, down time at home.
Playing cars, dinosaurs, pottering in the back yard…and engaging in this game that Lyddie calls “bear marching” which is a combination of card matching and physical challenges.
Charlie caught up on sleep.
Lydia did the opposite.  Her new trick is to take off her sleeping bag, take off her pjs, climb out of her crib, and run around giggling!
It was really so refreshing to have everyone at home and nothing in particular to do.

School has of course been back for a week now.
We are all slowly getting back in our routines…the lunch boxes are packed, the bags are checked, the uniforms are laid out, sleepy heads head to the kitchen to eat porridge, and off we go.

And at least all these public holidays mean we have still more days when everyone is home and there isn’t much to do!

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