The Portrait Series: 14/52

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When I was younger, I always got sick on school holidays.
It was as if, when given a chance to rest and relax, my body took full advantage and let down all of it’s defences.
And I ended up sniffling and coughing on the couch.

It seems that, even thought I am no longer a student, this patterns prevails.
One week into school holidays and I am sniffling and coughing on the couch.
I awoke Friday feeling awful…instead of pushing through and going to work like I usually would, I actually called in sick and spent the entire day in bed.
I managed to watch almost all of 13 Reasons Why.  Have you seen it?  It was heartbreaking.  And makes me despair for my children’s teenaged selves.  I consider myself fortunate to have experienced high school before the days of social media…I remember email was introduced my senior year and I couldn’t be bothered signing up for an account!

Anyway, I hope that you are enjoying these holidays…that you are healthy and you are doing things that make you happy!

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