The Portrait Series: 13/52




Can someone please tell me when my babies got so big?

We made it through the first term of prep!
I knew the transition would be big…but it was huge!
He has grown so much, in so many awesome ways.
He is reading, writing, asking questions about math that are already too complex for me to answer.
And he has grown physically!
I feel like I am going to blink and he will be my height, staring straight into my eyes.

One official day into holidays and he is already asking when he can go back to school!
While he might be eager to return to the classroom, I can see that he is exhausted and that he needs these two weeks to simply be at home, to play, to watch DinoTrux, and to rest.
And I think I am as exhausted as he is!
I am also looking forward to some slow time at home, doing some baking, watching Please Like Me, and resting.

Meanwhile, Lydia continues to operate at one million miles an hour!

What are you plans for the holidays?

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