The Portrait Series – 12/52




Guess where Charlie and I went?
Both kids had already been to see the current exhibitions but I had missed them and wanted to make sure I got to see them before Sugar Spin came to a close.
My parents are in town so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to visit GOMA and enjoy the GOMA Turns 10 celebrations.
Charlie loved Nervescape V 2016 (aka the furry wall) and The Cubic Structural Evolution Project (aka white Lego).
I loved HEARD (aka the dancing horses) and these amazing pieces made of mirrors.

When Charlie was younger, my husband worked in South Brisbane and, as we had free parking, Charlie and I used to explore South Bank at least once a week.
We would go to the museums, the library, the beach.
These days, I don’t get over to South Bank very often.
Whenever I do cross the river, I am always impressed by how much it has to offer…and it always brings back memories of baby Charlie.

Have you been to GOMA lately?

Oh, we initially went to South Bank to see The Hatchery but the line to see the turtles was over two hours long!
I figured that it wouldn’t take us much more than two hours to drive to the beach and see the turtles hatching in their native habitat!
So we skipped it.
Driving up to Mon Repos to see the turtles hatch is back on the bucket list!

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