The Portrait Series: 11/52



A rainy Sunday colouring session.

To cap off what has felt like a lazy week, we are enjoying a lazy Sunday.
I woke up early, took myself and my book to the cafe, and read and sipped a coffee before heading to yoga.
During yoga, I could hear a few heavy drops soon become steady rainfall.
It was properly pouring when class finished.
After splashing home, taking a hot shower, and enjoying another hot coffee, I was ready to settle in on the couch.
And I am still here!
At some point I would like to do a bit of baking, make soup for dinner, and then head back to the couch to finish watching The Intern.

This upcoming week is a full one…my parents arrive in Brisbane on Wednesday and we are all excited for their visit!
So to prepare, I am going to make the most of this rainy, lazy day!

How is your weekend going?