Peppermint Magazine

Hypnobirthing Brisbane

I have actually been bursting to share this news for weeks!
And now I can finally tell everyone and anyone!

I have a feature in Peppermint Magazine!

The founder of Peppermint came to my January class to learn how to support her best friend.
They both got so much out of the course that she ended up contacting me afterwards about doing an interview for the next issue.
Cue much shrieking and smiling and dancing around my kitchen!
The interview ended up evolving into a feature on hypnobirthing, the maternity system, and birth rights.
I could not be prouder to be spreading the word about positive birth and hopefully encouraging women to speak out in order to enact change.
I really enjoyed writing the piece…and I really hope that you enjoy reading it!

Here are some of my words…some of these made the cut and are in the magazine piece and others did not (but I still love them).

“Any preparation must also acknowledge the emotional side of birth, as erasing all fear is nearly impossible.  The key is how you respond to fear – whether you all it to control you or you control it.  That’s where hypnobirthing comes in.  With hypnobirthing, you learn how to intentionally respond to fear with courage.”

“Becoming comfortable with feeing uncomfortable, meeting vulnerability with bravery, having compassion for ourselves – in order to have a positive birth, these are skills that we need to learn.”

“Like most changes, our current lack of understanding didn’t happen suddenly but was rather a series of small shifts leading us to where we are now – a place where women centred care is spoken about but not practised, a place where politics is more important than mental health, a place where fear of litigation trumps a woman’s right to be involved in her own care.”

“It is time to change the conversation around birth.  It is time to find the facts amongst the fear and the courage to demand better.”

“The number one stakeholder in all maternal health matters should be the mother.  We need to stop looking to others – to doctors, to medical tests, to technology – to tell us what is best for us.  We need to start trusting ourselves and believing that birth IS OUR business.”