Pearl’s Birth – A Hypnobirthing Australia Birth Story

Hypnobirthing Birth Story

As you can see from the photos, Sonya exudes vibrancy and vitality.  She just has this positive energy…and when you are around her you can’t help but get swept up in her optimistic outlook.
It comes as no surprise that even before taking the Hypnobirthing Australia Positive Birth Program, she was 100 percent focused on a positive birth!
And she knew exactly what she needed to have that positive birth…she worked with a supportive OB, a massage therapist, and a chiropractor to ensure that she had the best chance to experience the birth that she wanted.  Add hypnobirthing.  And of course her beautiful partner Mark.  And the result was an amazingly positive birth!

Here is Pearl’s beautiful birth story, as written by her inspiring and total rockstar mother, Sonya.

Hypnobirthing Birth Story
We welcomed our little girl into the world on Monday 13 May at 6.14am, nothing like starting the working week off well, particularly when I still had two more work days before I was officially on maternity leave!
Pearl was born at 37+5 weeks, so while technically full term, she definitely caught us by surprise!
Being active right up to the end of our pregnancy, like swimming a 2 kilometre ocean swim first weekend in May and even playing lawn bowls on the Saturday before she was born, I thought I had the full 40 weeks before our babe arrived so I was surprised when I started getting mild cramps on the Sunday night around 10:00pm.
Initially I just ignored the sensations thinking I just had an upset tummy.  Mark woke up around 1:00am and I asked him if he’d packed his hospital bag over the weekend…needless to say he promptly packed it and proceeded to get his shoes on.  I thought he was being dramatic and reassured him I wasn’t in pain, just uncomfortable and assumed we’d still be a while yet. I promised we’d head into the hospital before peak hour traffic starts at 6:00am!
Over the next two hours the waves got closer together, I had the birth affirmations playing in the house and we kept the lights low. I had tried to do a fear release around 1:00am but the sensations were distracting me so I just focused on the things I wanted gone from my head and got back to the affirmations.
In the weeks prior, I thought I had been really slack and not done enough ‘homework’ for the hypnobirthing practice to sink in. However on the walks I took two to three times a week, I listened to the affirmations track and imagined myself floating along in a comfortable happy place.  And it turns out that was enough!

Around 2:00am we contacted our OB and let him know we thought something was happening. From then on I pottered around the house packing my bag and stopping to breathe into the waves and crack my toes on the floor!

When sitting on the gym ball started to get really uncomfortable and an intense pressure started inflating in my lower half I called time…we headed to the hospital around 4.30am.

From here everything ramped up quickly!
We checked in around 5.15am. The pressure was definitely building and I was worried my waters would break in the waiting area before we got to the birth suite.
All throughout the ride to the hospital and while checking in I had my headphones in, playing the affirmations over and over.

I was surprised at the clarity between surges…going from feeling an intense pressure to feeling fully functioning and almost feeling ‘high’ before the next surge started.

Anyway we made it to the birth suite, where my waters burst spontaneously.  I agreed to a cervical check to confirm how far along I was. In my birth plan I had requested not to be told of my progress. However the midwife asked me three times if I was sure I didn’t want to know, the giddy look on her face made me rethink my decision, and she promptly told me I was at 9.5 centimetres!
A water birth was also on my birth plan and the midwife asked if I really wanted one…the pool might not fill in time!  I said yes I wanted the water birth, and they had it filled by around 5:45am. Finishing my labour in the water was amazing.  I don’t like being crowded, so having the perimeter of the pool as a barrier gave me space that helped me feel safe.  I continued listening to the affirmations and the main thing that helped was BREATHING!  I focused on my breath as the surges grew closer, trying to steady myself after each one.  When I could feel Pearl crowning but not quite ready to come out, Mark guided me and we used the countdown from 20 to 0, and this really helped me refocus.

I will admit as some who has had a previous tailbone injury, there was a point toward the end of labour where I felt my tailbone or pelvis was about to crack, but focusing on breathing and the  affirmations pulled me back to zen.
Pearl was born in about 4 to 5 pushes.  The first 2 to 3 moved her down and then the final two, one for the wriggly head and one for her body.
Being in the tub, I was able to catch her myself and I exploded with emotions as I pulled her up to my chest!
After letting me settle down, we got out of the tub and my OB attended to my 2nd degree tear…I think the local hurt more than anything else!

I delivered my placenta naturally after waiting for the cord to no longer contain blood or be pulsing.
The only thing I didn’t put in my birth plan was requesting to see the placenta, it was collected and disposed of before I got a chance to ask. Oh well, not the end of the world and it was confirmed it came out complete.

So by 9:00am we were up on the ward, dazed and still high on all those amazing birth hormones!
Since then it’s been a whirlwind of caring and adjusting to being new parents, obviously lack of sleep is now the biggest challenge!
The support and care that we received from our OB and the midwives at Kindred, the work of massage therapist Jodie at Merakai Therapies, and bodyworker Sandra from Total Body Fusion were vital to us feeling prepared and confident in the lead up to labour and during birth.
And of course we are so glad we made the effort to do the course…it made such a difference in helping to prepare us, so thanks a million for guiding us!

Hypnobirthing Birth Story