Parenting Haikus

I came across this website recently and it seems that haikus…or rather parenting haikus…are a trend!  Who knew that poetry could be trendy?
Now, you ask, what exactly is a parenting haiku?
I am sure you all remember the five, seven, five syllable pattern.  And the topic of these poems are those little mother moments.
Here is a great example from Stark Raving Mad Mommy.

And here are two that I have come up with.

Puppy Bunny swims
Toilet bowl, dog water dish
Wet before nap time

Three in the morning
Baby starts crying, I wake
Turn off monitor

I personally prefer limericks but I also have a soft spot for a good haiku.
Do you want to try your hand at a parenting haiku?  I would love to hear what you come up with!