Orlando’s Birth – A Hypnobirthing Australia Birth Story

Hypnobirthing Birth Story

I always say the best time to take the Hypnobirthing Australia Positive Birth Program is when you are ready and can fit it in!  For Jess and Brent, that was when they were 37 weeks pregnant.
Jess had a really positive mindset even before taking classes…she wanted to take the class so she and her partner had plenty of tools available to them and so they felt empowered as a team to get the positive birth they both wanted.
And they definitely had a positive experience!

Here is Orlando’s beautiful birth story, as written by his amazing mother, Jess.

Welcome to the world sweet darling Orlando.
Arriving Sunday 2 June at 8.39pm weighing 2.669kg and 45cm long.

We would like to thank you so very much for giving us the knowledge and power to believe in ourselves and to birth such a beautiful little boy. I felt so empowered giving birth – it was by far the most magical experience myself and my partner have gone through together.

Here is how the story goes…

Sunday 2 June at 12.05am, I woke up to my waters breaking.  I was so incredibly excited knowing that today would be my son’s birthday.  There weren’t any signs of contractions but that was okay because I just knew that today was the day.  I called my mum to come down and be with me and my partner.
At 4.30am, we ventured into the hospital to have my baby’s heart rate checked and to see how I was going…everything was on track and I was able to return home to labour with my partner and my mum by my side.
I remember my mum saying make sure you have a nap when we get home as it could be a long day.. well, I was way too excited – I couldn’t sleep!

As the day went on, my contractions began.  They felt like period pains – nothing I couldn’t handle. I would sway and sing through them.  I felt comfortable.

By lunch time the contractions had started to increase.  I started to bounce and rock on the yoga ball as I found it helped distract me from the pressure.

Around 2.30pm my contractions started to become really close to each other and really intense.  During a contraction I would become out of breath and I couldn’t talk. We called the midwife and she said she thought I wasn’t ready to come in yet. I was fine with that.  I took a long hot shower and when I got out, I just knew I needed to go in to hospital. I did not want to birth at home I was so scared of this. My mum knew that I was getting impatient and needed to go in. She packed us all up and off we went.  By this time it was 3:30pm and I was contracting every two to three minutes and holding for 40 to 50 seconds.  The car ride was definitely interesting.  Of course we hit every traffic light on the way! 

We arrived at the hospital around 4:00pm.  We met our midwife and I immediately striped off and went straight into the shower as I knew the heat felt so good on my back…but unfortunately I love boiling hot showers and the hospital water just wasn’t hot enough!

My midwife offered to check how dilated I was and at 5:30pm I was “only” 2 centimetres.  But I knew his little head was right there and I wasn’t concerned. My midwife had a real good feel and realised there was a small pocket of fluid still sitting there so she decided to pop it and well.. it was all systems go from there!

I straight away turned over onto my hands and knees and started to bear down. I remember hearing my partner saying to a different midwife who had to take over “she has changed her voice, she is ready to push” thankfully he was in tune with me and knew what was happening. With their help, I moved down onto the floor to work with the yoga ball and bean bag.  At one point I needed to sit up and use the birthing stool as I felt I wasn’t getting him down the canal right, then back I went to being on my hands and knees.

As all this is happening, the relaxation music I had going all day at home and in the hospital was playing and my partner and my mum were using various hypnobirthing tools – they just seemed to know exactly what I wanted.  Their support and the music really made me feel calm and comfortable throughout the whole journey.

At one stage I needed to stand up as my knees were so sore from kneeling and it turned out, this was the best position for me. I stood up and was rocking with my partner and I said to him please hold me, and with every contraction, I wrapped my arms around his neck and pushed down. He was like my monkey bars – thank goodness he could hold me up as that was exactly what I needed to bring my little man down.

At 8.15pm the midwife told me she can see his head and that I really just needed to keep breathing him down.
Right before he was born she came around to my head and said, “I need you to just stop pushing and breath him out using such a calm voice.” So as she asked, I sat up onto my knees and just gently breathed him out.  I felt so calm, the room was silent, the air felt warm, the lights were dimmed –  and he was born!  My partner caught him – he had his eyes wide open and as he was passed to me he uttered the the most gentle cry.
He was here, he arrived into this beautiful world with such ease.  It was just pure magic.

We are so grateful to have the knowledge from the Hypnobirthing Australia Positive Birth Program as it guided us to bring such a beautiful little man into the world in such a beautiful way, so thank you!

Hypnobirthing Birth Story