A Monthly Intention – January


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Over on her blog, A Life Un-Styled, Vanisha’s first post of 2015 was about setting a monthly intention.
I think this is a brilliant idea.
Rather than making a sweeping resolution, set an intention for each month.
Then ideally, break that goal down into manageable pieces…actions you are able to achieve on a daily or weekly basis that will lead to your intention becoming reality.

My intention for January is to find a new rhythm.
I have gone from being a working mother of one to a stay at home mother of two.
I need to reconfigure how and when I get things like laundry, grocery shopping, cooking, and probably even showering done.
I need to reassess what actually needs to be done!
By the end of the month, I want to have a rough weekly routine.
Finding a new rhythm will likely be a process of both rational thinking about what I can realistically do when as well as trial and error.
I know some weeks everything will click and I will feel on top of the world.
I know other weeks nothing will go according to plan and I will want to bury myself under the covers never to emerge.

I aim to check back in with you all towards the end of the month and let you know if I achieved my goal!
In the meantime, I would love to know how you schedule your week?
Do you try to get most household jobs done on the weekdays and leave weekends free for family time?
Or are some things, like grocery shopping, better left for the weekends when you can leave the babes at home with their dad?
Also if you are interested in setting an monthly intention or if you have already done so, I would love to hear about your goal!