The MAMA Circle – Why Join A Women’s Circle?


The MAMA Circle

Why join us at The MAMA Circle?
I have described The MAMA Circle before.
And I have spoken about the benefits of women’s circles before.
But since writing those words, I have come across two quotes which I think sum up the reasons for doing us at The MAMA Circle perfectly.

“If a woman holds the power to create life, she also holds the power to create the life she wants.”

“Because mothers need time-outs, too!  Maybe they’re cranky and just need a break.  Maybe they’re happily going full stem ahead and just deserve a break.  Often they’re fried from trying so hard, and they need to recharge their batteries to stay sane.  Sometimes they need to press the pause button so they can find themselves again.  The bottom line is, time-outs are a good thing and being a little selfish isn’t always bad.”
-Mothers Need Time-Outs Too by Susan Callahan, Anne Nolen, and Katrin Schumann

Motherhood is at once an incredibly stressful time and an incredibly enlightening time.
If you want to talk about it in terms of chakras, when you give birth your root chakra (which is located in the base of your spine, your pelvic floor, and your perineum) literally opens and transforms.
If you want to talk about it in terms of practicalities, all the things that previously gave your life structure and meaning are gone.
Either way, all that you ever thought you were has changed.
In order to hold your baby in your arms, you need to release everything else that you were holding onto.

You may feel both isolated and suffocated.
You may experience frustration and confusion.
You may find yourself thinking negative thoughts…and believing that these thoughts are the whole, true story.

The way out of this is connection and compassion.

Connection serves to remind you that you are not alone.
Millions of other mamas have experienced what you are experiencing, have felt what you are feeling.
While your situation is indeed unique, hearing other women voice similar woes helps to normalise your experience and your feelings.
With connection comes awareness, comfort, and most importantly, compassion.

Compassion mostly entails treating yourself as you would your children.
Essentially talking to yourself, caring for yourself like a loving mother.
It’s about shifting your focus.
Infants cry.  Toddlers tantrum for no apparent reason (okay, maybe being served triangle sandwiches when you wanted square sandwiches is a reason).  Children of all ages wake up though the night.
But when you treat yourself with compassion, the narrative you tell yourself about those events changes.
You stop giving your energy to struggle and stress and you start giving your energy to YOU.

And THAT is when the personal growth occurs.
When you cease getting caught up in the self-doubt, the judgement, the guilt.
Then you become free to see the potential to create the life that you truly want.

I know it sounds a bit woo and almost too good to be true.
But the energy of women gathering together is powerful.
I think there is a strong movement towards women supporting each other (hello Adele and Beyonce at the Grammys).
I think after decades of being told we can do anything we want to and we don’t need any help to do it, we are realising that there is value in the village.
And at the very least, joining us for The MAMA Circle is a fabulous time-out!

Our first MAMA Circle is Sunday 5 March from 1:00pm to 3:00pm at The MAMA Centre in East Brisbane.
If you would like more information, please contact me.
Bookings can be made through The MAMA Centre by calling 3333 1732.
All the details are below.

I can’t wait to welcome you to our circle.

Join us at The MAMA Circle.
Connect with others in a welcoming, supporting, confidential space.
Share your stories, your challenges, your triumphs.
The format of the monthly circles may vary but the intention is always to allow women to connect and share in a meaningful way.
We will talk about identity, relationships with ourselves, relationships with our partners, relationships with our friends, returning to work, staying home, nurturing your postpartum body, sex, deciding whether to add to your family.
You will walk away from the circle feeling connected, emotionally lighter, and empowered by the collective energy of the group.

Depending on the energy and needs of the group, The MAMA Circle will involve different activities.
– guided group meditations
– focused topic conversation
– intention setting
– releasing rituals
– restorative yoga
– ample time to discuss whatever the group brings up that month
– guest speakers and other learning experiences

Held at 1:00pm on the first Sunday of every month, starting Sunday6 August, at Santosha Yoga Space in Paddington
$30.00 per session.
Led by Caitlin Dyer, hypnobirthing practitioner and a certified postpartum doula.
Recommended for mothers of babies of all ages (including pregnant mamas), but we prefer to keep it mamas only so please make arrangements for your little one to bond with a loved one.