Luca’s Birth – A Hypnobirthing Birth Story

Jane took hypnobirthing over five years ago when she was preparing for her first birth.  When it was time to add to her family, she came back for a refresher.
Her pregnancy was not easy…hyperemesis, concern about a low lying placenta , and rising blood pressure towards the end.  But Jane managed to stay positive throughout..she was determined to have a second positive birth.

And that she did!

Here is Luca’s hypnobirthing birth story as told by his amazing mother, Jane.

 hypnobirthing birth story

One stormy Sunday I was busy nesting at home hanging pictures, taking photos of my tummy, making sure everything was just right before our second baby would arrive in the coming weeks. Little did I know that my body was getting very ready for this baby to arrive sooner rather than later. Although it didn’t feel the same as last time, no niggly period pain, my waters hadn’t broken, and I didn’t have that overwhelmed feeling from the hormonal surge.

A couple of days later after a check up with our private midwives and a dull headache that wouldn’t budge, we had to make some decisions on how soon this baby would come. I was 37+5 weeks when we realised my blood pressure had risen and wasn’t going down. Tests ruled out preeclampsia, but that wasn’t to say it wouldn’t develop and my blood pressure was going to have to be monitored and potentially treated with medication.  After much discussion with the midwives and with my husband, we decided that is was best to be induced sooner rather than later. I was feeling well and I wanted to birth while I was still feeling well.

We had wanted to hypnobirth again like we had for our first little boy Ollie, now 5 years old and so we set about making a hypnobirthing plan for our induction.

Tuesday night we were induced with gel and were left to see how things went. I woke at midnight and realised that I was having niggly contractions regularly every 10 to 15 minutes. It was nothing more than period like pain and I was able to manage it with the fit ball and a heat pack and some pressure on my lower back from my husband. This went on until daylight the next morning.

After an early morning warm shower our midwives arrived at 7:00am to break my waters. We had a plan to not use any synthetic hormones as I wanted to see how my body would progress naturally. I was pretty certain that my body was kicking into labour. Despite the fact that 24 hours ago I had no intentions of having a baby any time soon nor any signs, my hypnobirthing knowledge kept me calm and relaxed about the imminent arrival of our baby. I trusted that my body would do whatever it needed to and I had confidence in myself…after all I had done this once before.

After the midwives broke my waters around 8:00am things steadily ramped up. I was using the fit ball and light touch massage along with our hypnobirthing tracks and breathing. The room was dim with no lights, just the natural light flowing in from outside.
Since being in hospital overnight my blood pressure was very stable and within normal limits.
Our baby was was very happy the whole time.

An hour or two had passed now and my quiet breathing had become somewhat more vocal and I had moved to the shower with the fit ball and then into the bath. By lunch time things were becoming much more intense.

The midwives honoured my request not to do any internal vaginal examinations as I didn’t feel they were of any benefit during my previous labour.  We were purely guided by my breathing, listening to my body and the sensations, and the midwives were experts at reading how close I was getting. I felt the need to completely focus on getting through each second of every contraction by now. I needed to have my relaxation music on and not the hypnobirthing tracks anymore. I needed a lot of pressure on my lower back as I lay belly up submerged in the warm bath. I used counterpressure on my feet with rolled up towels in the bath to march and stamp my feet through each contraction. Things started to change. My baby was moving a lot more with each contraction and I wasn’t getting much down time in between.

We had a change over of midwives and although I was able to jokingly tell Tracey that we were going to have this baby any time now and then have a nice lunch together…I felt like I was not in control of my pain as much as I had been. As we farewelled Mel, I said to our midwife that I felt hot and needed something to change. I felt a little panicked that perhaps this baby had turned posterior as our first had been. Tracey reassured me and calmly spoke to me with the words I needed to hear, “Your baby is so close to coming out that no matter what position it’s in now your body knows exactly what to do, you’ve done this all before.”

A washer dipped in icy cold water between each contraction was my saviour for the next little while. I still needed the warm bath around me, but I pressed the cold washer into the sockets of my eyes with each contraction. I became more and more vocal with each surge and suddenly I felt overwhelmingly exhausted by the constant movement of the baby and contractions.

Though I seemed calm and I know my body was relaxed, at this point I felt like I wasn’t coping. I was going through transition. I asked for the pain to stop. But knew I didn’t actually need anything.  I knew I had to just keep going. Tracey suggested that we hop out of the bath and empty my bladder and she suggested I visualise my baby dropping down into its final position as my bladder emptied. I somehow jumped out of the bath and onto the toilet, having two more contractions whilst there.

It was time. I felt like I couldn’t get back into the bath so instead made a run for it to the bed. I lay on my tummy for a couple more contractions, pushing my own hands into my bottom. My husband was also giving me counter pressure on my hips as I breathed through another contraction. I then felt the need to be on all fours and to push my head into the back of the bed. With only another couple of contractions I felt a strong urge to breathe my baby down. With two huge surges, the first bringing my baby’s head and a tiny hand tucked up against its ear and the second bringing the rest of his body down, he was here. At 1:45pm our second little man entered earthside.

Our beautiful midwife passed him through my legs on the bed and I looked down to see a little boy looking right back at me so ready for a feed and so alert. Somehow we manoeuvered so that I was laying on my back and he was now on my tummy as we waited for the placenta to be delivered. He was still connected as we did delayed cord clamping for almost 20 minutes.

The next two hours were pure magic as I fed and cradled the newest member of our family, that feeling of sheer relief and all the feel good hormones flowing. He was such a good feeder just like his brother had been. The room was quiet and still with just the midwife and us. That uninterrupted skin on skin was time that will never be forgotten. Once he had finished and became sleepy we weighed and measured him and placed him on my husband’s chest for another hour of skin on skin while I showered and the midwife attended to me.

We feel so fortunate to have had another positive birthing experience using our hypnobirthing techniques. Despite being induced we had a very natural delivery with no further interventions or drugs required. We had two amazing midwives with us throughout my labour and just their presence was enough to reassure me when I needed it. They supported our hypnobirth and had a very hands off approach, with just the right amount of assistance. My husband was again such an active part of my labour providing both physical (so much massage and counterpressure) and psychological support throughout. I feel very privileged to have been able to experience this as a women and to have had two positive birth with him by my side. Both of my births have been very empowering and I’m happy to say our family is complete.

 hypnobirthing birth story