Full Time Work: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

My month of working full time is over!  I am back to my usual schedule of working three days a week!
And, as with all things, some good and some bad came out of the full time situation…and a little bit of ugly.

The Good

We all survived!

Baby C got to really bond with his grandfather and step-grandmother…he was with them on Tuesdays and Thursdays…they loved having him…or at least they said they did…and he loved spending time with them.

I now so appreciate the fact that I am lucky enough to be able to spend two days a week with Baby C…I missed my little man, I missed our weekly activities, I missed sharing both routine and special moments with my son.

The Bad

Baby C’s addiction to milk is now worse than ever.
He has porridge for breakfast, fruit for morning tea, a lunch that is probably more like a series of snacks and he now flat out refuses dinner.  If I give him something like yogurt or some more fruit he may play with it and eat a bit but when I serve him up whatever Daddy R and I are having it gets completely ignored.
I do not understand how a child who will put literally ANYTHING in his mouth…he tries to eat wood…will not put his dinner in his mouth.  He just pushes it off his high chair without even trying it.
After he has rid his tray of the offending food he sits and cries while Daddy R and I try to eat our dinner.  Eventually I get sick of listening to him so I let Baby C out of his chair.  He then goes to the fridge, opens it and takes out the milk.
And once he has the milk in his hand it is game over…that milk must get in his belly.

Now I know that Baby C is healthy and that he isn’t going to starve but having family meals was just one of those things that when I found out that I was going to be a parent I committed to and looked forward to.  My family always ate together and I love my memories of us sitting around the table together and laughing…granted the laughter was usually at the expense of another family member but it was loving laughter and meals were always fun.
So I had high hopes of all eating together…and while I guess you could call what we have now a family meal at the moment they aren’t so much about eating and enjoying each other’s company as they are about tears and then feeling guilty for caving in and giving Baby C milk.

I have been thinking about just giving Baby C his sippy cup of milk with his meal?  Maybe if he drinks it first and gets it out the way he will then move on to some real food?
Maybe sitting him in his little table and chair instead of in his highchair would help?

The Ugly

Me!  I am in desperate need of a day off to tend to myself.
I cannot remember the last time I got a hair cut.
I know the last time I got my eyebrows threaded was before Baby C’s first birthday party…and that was four months ago.
A manicure certainly wouldn’t be remiss.
I need to go to the dentist.
And I need to eat better…the last month saw me having coffee for breakfast, a lunch devoid of nutrition and then eating nothing but ice cream for dinner…on numerous occasions.

And my house!  A thorough clean is needed!
I am determined to carve out some time to do some serious spring cleaning.
And this spring cleaning is going to culminate with a garage sale!  Purge!
Watch out Daddy R…that means that art work you dragged home from the Salvos and your man chair are heading out to the curb!