Free To Be Me Time – Part Three


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Now that you have managed to get a block of time to yourself, what are you going to do?
I know it is so tempting to do the grocery shopping or to clean the house.
I have heard all the arguments because I have tried to convince myself that grocery shopping is so relaxing without children and that I actually like to clean the house when I get to sit and enjoy the tidiness afterwards.
But does doing the grocery shopping and the cleaning actually fill you up?
Does the process bring you joy?


But remember, way back when, before you had children, when you thought of grocery shopping and cleaning the house as chores?
How did you spend your free time then?

Chances are however you used to spend your free time is how you still should spend your free time.
Going to the movies.
Volunteer work.
A dance class.
However you spent your free time, I bet it brought you joy.
Immediate joy while you were doing it.
And lasting joy afterwards because it made you honestly, unconditionally happy.

I spend most of my me time doing exercise.
I used to not bother because it was difficult to find consistent time to exercise and I argued what is the point of going for a swim if I only get to go once every two weeks.
The point is it makes me feel good!
And once I experience that joy, I will continue to seek out opportunities to do a few laps.

I know that babies grow.
I know that as they grow, the sense of freedom that accompanies their independence is both heartbreaking and liberating.
The way that Lydia needs me is changing.
She no longer has the unrelenting needs of a very young child.
As there is less immediacy in our relationship, I am starting to see space in my day.
And I know what I want to fill that space up with…with activities that bring me joy.
It is baby steps at the moment…a restorative yoga class every other week rather than a more intense weekly class, leaving the house at dawn for a pilates session, a quick few hundred metres in the pool while my baby eats her morning tea in the adjoining creche.

What brings you joy?

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