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Hypnobirthing Brisbane

I have actually been bursting to share this news for weeks!
And now I can finally tell everyone and anyone!

I have a feature in Peppermint Magazine!

The founder of Peppermint came to my January class to learn how to support her best friend.
They both got so much out of the course that she ended up contacting me afterwards about doing an interview for the next issue.
Cue much shrieking and smiling and dancing around my kitchen!
The interview ended up evolving into a feature on hypnobirthing, the read more

The Tools of Motherhood: Dyson V6 Absolute Handstick



I actually busted out my new Dyson V6 Absolute Handstick during a playdate recently.
I wanted to show it off.
It is that good.
And I had to laugh at myself.
Once upon a time, social gatherings at my house involved wine, discussing current events, having opinions on world matters.
Once upon a time, the floors were clean.
These days of course, when friends come to visit it is with little ones in tow and we are lucky if we get to drink a cup of tea, any debate is interrupted, conversation is focused on our read more

Christmas Craft: How To Make White Clay Ornaments

Clay Christmas Ornaments 1


After eight Christmases in Australia, I finally am getting the hang of a tropical Christmas.
The first few years here I would wait for Thanksgiving and the arrival of cold weather to warn me of Christmas’s coming.
Of course Thanksgiving would pass uncelebrated and, this time of year, the Brisbane weather is anything but cold…Christmas would catch me by surprise.
Because I never seemed to fully recognise that Christmas was approaching, it seemed like opportunities to form traditions were read more

I’m On Break

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These days, most of Lyddie’s feeds are of what I call the “wham, bam, thank you ma’am” variety.
She climbs onto my lap, turns her head sideways to let me know she wants a feed, she feeds, she is gone.
But before naps and before bedtime she feeds for longer.
I love those moments.
I love that it is just the two of us, I love that it is quiet, I love that I get a ten minute break from actively being a mother.
I generally play on my phone.  Instagram is my go to but sometimes I end up venturing to the far reaches of read more

A Very Local Christmas


Christmas feels like it is coming especially quickly this year.
Last year anticipating Christmas became entwined with waiting for a baby and so the time prior to the holidays seemed long and drawn out.
This year it seems like Christmas will be the culmination of a bustling six weeks.
I am not sure if I am ready.

As I have done for the past few Christmases, I am trying to purchase most of our presents locally.
I enjoy the process of buying gifts.
I like thinking about who needs what and how I can put a special spin on something that might otherwise be a read more