Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s Back To Work I Go!

So after nine wonderful months of maternity leave, I had my first day back at work today!  And although I still wish I had won the lotto and didn’t have to work at all, it really wasn’t that bad.  I am sure the novelty will wear off but it felt fairly liberating to use my brain for something other than remembering to put more nappies in the diaper bag and to have a bit of autonomy…and of course it was great to see all my work friends and to catch up on all the recent gossip!  I read more

Work Led Weaning Update

So I think…at least in terms of food…Baby C is ready for me to go back to work.  After adamantly refusing formula in a bottle and formula in a sippy cup, I expressed and gave Baby C breast milk in a sippy cup.  This got him back on good terms with the sippy cup.  I then slowly added formula eventually decreasing the amount of breast milk and increasing the amount of formula until it was all formula.  At first I was just giving him the sippy cup to replace his afternoon read more

Work Led Weaning

I have one month until I go back to work.  So this means I have four weeks to get Baby C to eat a substantial amount of something that is not me.  Or four weeks to win the lotto!So far the steps I have taken are to try to eliminate his afternoon breast feed.  I thought that because Baby C had taken a formula bottle before that this would be no problem.  Wrong.  Just being in the same room as the bottle caused Baby C to scream.  I tried formula in his sippy cup. read more