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Like most good things, mothering involves hard work and sacrifice.
I think we have all had those days when we are spent and would give anything to simply sit still and be…perhaps with a hot cup of tea to slowly sip.
But we push on.
Running on nothing but love…and perhaps coffee…we put our needs aside and attend to those of our babies.
But like most good things, the rewards that come along with mothering are significant…the unconditional love of your babies is beyond special.
And even those seemingly endless days do read more

Baby Wearing



These days, my favourite accessory is my baby.
I love wearing Lyddie.
Different people have different reasons for baby wearing.  I wear my baby because she is content when I am wearing her and wearing her makes my life easier.

Baby wearing makes your baby happy.
There is an abundance of literature on why baby wearing is good for your baby.  One study even found that there is in inverse relationship between the number of hours a baby spends crying and the number of hours a baby is read more

The Village Gathering



My late night Internet wanderings take me to all kinds of interesting corners of the world wide web.
Instagram is my favourite place to start.  I scroll through my feed, admiring photos, reading captions, following hashtags.
It was while jumping from hashtag to hashtag that I stumbled across The Village Magazine.
It was love at first sight.
I found myself madly liking photos, nodding along while reading the accompanying text, scrolling through the comments.
I  was grateful for the sentiment that The Village read more

Sunday Styles: Breastfeeding Basics

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When you are breastfeeding you need to either pull your shirt up or pull it down.
I personally prefer to pull down…or pull across.
I just find it easier.
And I would rather show some top boob than flash my stomach…it is too hot here in Brisbane to wear a nursing singlet under the shirt I am pulling up.
Even when breastfeeding, my boobs aren’t very big and so when she is feeding, my baby’s head covers most of my boob for me.  If you are curious about this, feed at home in front of a mirror…I bet you read more

How Does Home Birth Work



As soon as I became pregnant, I started investigating home birth.

I had my first baby with a private obstetrician in a private hospital.
At the time, I was content with the way in which my birth unfolded but as I learned more and more about birth, I became upset by the number of interventions that were performed unnecessarily.
I knew that I didn’t want to birth in the hospital system again but I wasn’t sure exactly how home birth worked.
Curious, I asked a few midwife friends to recommend read more