A Different Kind Of Birth



The birth of an e-magazine!

It was just over a year ago that Bettina and I decided to come together and form The Kindred Collective.
Since those initial brainstorming sessions, we have each had a baby.
With babes at our breasts, The Kindred Collective has been forced to evolve.  But the main premise has remained the same.  The Kindred Collective is a community of women.  A virtual village of women who span the globe, who have something to share, who are looking to laugh, to cry, to give, to receive, to read more

My Fourth Trimester Body



Six months after her birth, my body still bears the signs of her existence within me.
My belly is soft and far from flat.
The term belly button has become a complete misnomer as mine is now more of a belly cavern.
I have a network of grey stretch marks on my lower stomach.
My love handles ensure that there is plenty of me to love.
My hair is thin.
I have dark circles under my eyes.
I am not ashamed of any of this.
Two children grew inside me.
Nestled there, listening to the beat of read more

Double Dipper



I started writing this post last week…such is my blogging backlog that what was a commentary on a current event is now history.
My feelings are still valid though so I have decided to hit post anyway!

I am generally not a very political person.
Perhaps it is because I can’t vote in Australia.
Perhaps it is because I have been living in a baby bubble for the past four years and so am out of touch when it comes to current events.
I am however fired up about the recent allegations read more

Parenting Products – Nest Nappies Giveaway



Like most good things, mothering involves hard work and sacrifice.
I think we have all had those days when we are spent and would give anything to simply sit still and be…perhaps with a hot cup of tea to slowly sip.
But we push on.
Running on nothing but love…and perhaps coffee…we put our needs aside and attend to those of our babies.
But like most good things, the rewards that come along with mothering are significant…the unconditional love of your babies is beyond special.
And even those seemingly endless days do read more

Baby Wearing



These days, my favourite accessory is my baby.
I love wearing Lyddie.
Different people have different reasons for baby wearing.  I wear my baby because she is content when I am wearing her and wearing her makes my life easier.

Baby wearing makes your baby happy.
There is an abundance of literature on why baby wearing is good for your baby.  One study even found that there is in inverse relationship between the number of hours a baby spends crying and the number of hours a baby is read more