Your Pregnancy Week 13: Food Mythbusters

One of my dearest friends is pregnant!  Congratulations!  I am so, so excited for her and I want to tell her everything about being pregnant and having a baby.  But there are two obstacles.  One…as I have mentioned before…I can’t really remember being pregnant any more.  And two…I don’t want to diminish her experience at all…when I was pregnant I got so sick of people telling me what I should be doing and what I would be doing once the baby came.  So rather read more

Stages of Pregnancy – From the Mom’s Perpective

1.  Yay!You are pregnant!  You are excited and nervous!  You are also tired.  Seriously tired.  Like cannot be bothered to get dressed, cannot be bothered to eat a real meal tired…sweatpants, toast, and the couch become your new best friends.All of a sudden you see pregnant women everywhere and you wonder if anyone can tell that you too are pregnant.2. Bloated and sick.Having a waistline becomes a thing of the past.  You feel fat.  You are convinced that you read more

Baby Bureaucracy

For the first few months it seems that, as a mother, you are primarily a food source and a personal assistant.  For such little people, babies require an insane amount of administrative work.    Let’s start with what needs to be done before the baby is even born.1. Start the claim for either the Baby Bonus or for Paid Parental Leave.This is done through Centrelink.  The website has a  calculator you can use to determine which scheme is better for you and your family.  If you decide the Baby Bonus is read more


I have been sort of avoiding this post because a) I know it is going to be a long one and b) I have been slightly sleep deprived lately and so am having difficulty collecting my thoughts on the matter and c) I know birth preferences are a touchy subject and don’t want my blog readers (Hi Mom!) to judge me based on what I chose for myself and for my baby.

Anyway, here goes.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Hypnobirthing it is basically amped up, modern day Lamaze. ¬†Hypnobirthing read more

The Physical, Intellectual and Emotional Changes of Motherhood

I was talking to Mommy B the other day about how we can’t remember what we used to be like before we became mothers. A lot of what we mentioned was physical…we know our clothes don’t fit exactly the way they used to but we can’t quite figure out why.  Is it the stomach? The boobs?  Maybe the hips?I saw a mother the other day with a ten day old baby girl and no offense to this mother who overall looked amazing but her stomach looked like she had a ten day old infant.  And read more