I have been sort of avoiding this post because a) I know it is going to be a long one and b) I have been slightly sleep deprived lately and so am having difficulty collecting my thoughts on the matter and c) I know birth preferences are a touchy subject and don’t want my blog readers (Hi Mom!) to judge me based on what I chose for myself and for my baby.Anyway, here goes.For those of you who aren’t familiar with Hypnobirthing it is basically amped up, modern day Lamaze.  Hypnobirthing teaches read more

The Physical, Intellectual and Emotional Changes of Motherhood

I was talking to Mommy B the other day about how we can’t remember what we used to be like before we became mothers. A lot of what we mentioned was physical…we know our clothes don’t fit exactly the way they used to but we can’t quite figure out why.  Is it the stomach? The boobs?  Maybe the hips?I saw a mother the other day with a ten day old baby girl and no offense to this mother who overall looked amazing but her stomach looked like she had a ten day old infant.  And read more

Australians Pay Too Much For EVERYTHING or How to Save Money When Shopping for Baby

For the love of god, if anyone out there is Australian and pregnant or Australian with children, please do yourself a favor…I suppose it would be a favour…and do some shopping on amazon.com.  You have no idea how overpriced baby things are in the country until you look at how cheap they are in the States.  Take for example the Fisher Price Precious Planet Playmat. On sale at Bubs Baby Shop here in Australia for $149.95. Available on amazon.com for $53.99. That is a difference of $95.96! And considering the Aussie dollar is buying read more

Bringing Up Baby – Tips and Hints

While I am thinking of it, here are some tips and hints that I have discovered along the way.1. Hand towelsI founds hand towels to be very…well, handy.  As I mentioned in the bath time post, putting a hand towel in the back of the baby tub makes it much easier to hang onto the greased watermelon that is your baby.  I still have a hand towel stashed under my pillow in case of night time boob leaks.  An aside, everyone talks about how great it is when your baby starts sleeping through the read more

Pregnancy Memories

I actually wrote this when I had just started maternity leave…before Baby C arrived…I thought it might be interesting to record some experiences from my pregnancy. Plus I needed a break from my Nurse Jackie DVD.It has now been about a year since I realized I was pregnant with Baby C…and I am so glad that I wrote down some of my feelings because now I can hardly remember being pregnant…which isn’t surprising since the other day I forgot put the spaghetti in the boiling water and then read more