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We typically put a lot of effort into planning for our baby.
The nursery, the car seat, the pram, the teeny tiny clothes.

We may put a fair bit of consideration into planning for our birth.
An antenatal class, some reading, creating birth preferences, packing a hospital bag.

We might devote a bit of attention to breastfeeding.
Watching some videos, talking to friends, Googling lactation biscuits, buying some nursing bras.

But we usually don’t think about postpartum read more

Super Quick, Super Delicious Postpartum Thermomix Biscuits

ayurvedic postpartum biscuits


When you consider traditional postpartum foods, the aims are generally to gently aid digestion and to replace what was lost in pregnancy and childbirth.
A new mother has high nutritional needs and a low metabolism.  In Ayurvedic terms, she needs to replace the earth and water that has been lost in childbirth while being mindful of her low digestive fire. She needs to eat simple foods that provide instantly accessible energy – essentially whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and read more

Thermomix Postpartum Porridge

Thermomix Postpartum Porridge


I know, I know…when you have a newborn breakfast NEVER looks like the above photo!
But you don’t have to be a new mother to enjoy this porridge.
While the ingredients were specifically chosen to support Ayurvedic suggestions regarding recovering from childbirth, this Thermomix Postpartum Porridge can be enjoyed by anyone.
Whenever I make this for a new mothers, I am reminded of how good it is and I always end up making some for myself too!
And yes, with a six year old and a two read more

What do you do all day?



I remember how I felt when Charlie was a newborn.
At the time, my husband had a demanding job.  A few hours after Charlie was born, he went back to working twelve hour days, six days a week.
I acutely felt that it was just the two of us.
Me and my baby.
All day.
Every day.
I remember desperately wanting someone to talk to…someone I could share the details of my day with.
I would look forward to the front gate creaking open, signalling the return of my husband.
I would read more

FREE Postpartum Planner

Post Partum Planner

You have probably heard of a birth plan.  But a postpartum plan?
Creating a birth plan gives you the opportunity to clarify what kind of birth you would like to have…it allows you to think about your options, explore each one, and determine which would be ideal for you.  Once you have written your birth plan, it serves as a communication tool.  Sharing your birth plan with your caregivers opens a discussion about your preferences and your expectations.
A postpartum plan provides the same read more