Am I Enough? Part Two.

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I love Donald Winnicott’s quote.
The way to be a good mother is to be a good enough mother.

Donald Winnicott was an English psychoanalyst and paediatrician who believed that ordinary mothers intuitively realise the needs of their babies.
He believed that a mother’s knowledge about being a mother arises from being a baby once herself and from being given full responsibility for her child.
What I like about his profile of a good enough mother is that she is a real human being.
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Am I Enough? Part One.

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Last Friday evening I went to The Little Sage’s Circle.  I had never been to an energy event before.
I must say when I thought about Friday nights of yore, spent getting drunk in dive bars, I laughed at the contrast…here I am now, spending my weekend meditating, visualising and journaling!

Anyway, one of the exercises Helen lead us through was visualising what was holding us back.
When she guided us and asked us to identify what was preventing us from reaching our goals, I pictured myself.
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A Few Of My Favourite Things – 35 Months

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I have to say, I think almost three year old boys are the most delightful creatures.
A perfect mixture of frogs, snails, and puppy dog tails and sweetness and spice and everything nice.

One of my favourite things to do is watch C play and to listen to him as he dictates elaborate scenarios for his toys.
He fascinates me.
I have no idea where his ideas come from.  Some might be based on stories that we have read together or activities we have done together, but most are entirely read more

How Birth Affects Parenting


I was recently asked to be a part of 612 ABC Steve Austin’s parenting panel.
When asked what I wanted to speak about, I suggested discussing how birth affects parenting.
Based on what I have learned from hypnobirthing and from my own personal experience, I believe birth has a significant impact on parenting…especially on those challenging first months.

First, let’s talk hormones.
Birth chemically prepares a mother for parenting.
When you are pregnant and when you are giving birth, you are read more