Welcoming Spring

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Springtime is upon us.

And that means Father’s Day and the Queens Birthday long weekend and Halloween and the start of the holiday season!
Insert screaming in fear face emoji here.
As an expat, I am always somewhat confused by this time of year…I have been living in Brisbane for over ten years now but somehow springtime as a sign that Christmas is coming still doesn’t seem right.

While I love all the community events and the excitement that is heading our way (how good is Christmas read more


One 1


My baby is one.
I still call her my baby.  But she really isn’t a baby anymore.  She hasn’t been a baby for a few months.

It has been a year since she was born.  I still think about her birth every single day.  I look at her and vividly remember the sensation of her rushing, literally head first, into this world.  She continues to rush, head first, into every single day.
I want her to slow down.

She started walking just before the ten month mark.
She communicates clearly with read more

A Few Of My Favourite Things: Nine Months

Nine Months 1


Nine-ish months on the inside.
Nine-ish months on the outside.

I was looking through her baby photos the other day and I couldn’t help but wonder where did my baby go?
That baby who didn’t do much other than sleep and feed and sleep some more.
How quickly she has been replaced by a beautiful little girl…one who stands and babbles away and sits in her highchair and doesn’t sleep.

This past month seems have been especially full of growth and development.

She now stands read more

Getting Shit Done – Scheduling

Get Shit Done


At the beginning of the month, I vowed to get shit done!
And I am happy to say that I did.
Instead of having one giant to do list, I got back in the habit of scheduling individual tasks.
I guess I still have the giant to do list…but rather than let it overwhelm me, I use it simply as a starting point.

I look at my list and determine the crucial tasks and the tasks that can wait, the big tasks and the little tasks.
Then I look at my available time.
With a nine month old who resists naps, my read more

A Few Of My Favourite Things: Eight Months

8 Months 1


She is pure joy.
She is such a happy baby.
She attracts people to her with her smile.  I often get stopped at the shops so people can coo over her and play peek-a-boo with her…she expresses her enjoyment by smiling even more and engaging in that beautiful baby full body jumping wiggle.
She seems to save her biggest smiles and greatest giggles for her brother.  Anything and everything that he does is met with wide eyes and an admiring grin.

She especially loves picking him read more