Brisbane Postpartum Provisions Cooking Classes!

Postpartum Provisions


We typically put a lot of effort into planning for our baby.
The nursery, the car seat, the pram, the teeny tiny clothes.

We may put a fair bit of consideration into planning for our birth.
An antenatal class, some reading, creating birth preferences, packing a hospital bag.

We might devote a bit of attention to breastfeeding.
Watching some videos, talking to friends, Googling lactation biscuits, buying some nursing bras.

But we usually don’t think about postpartum read more

Breastfeeding and Returning to Work with Medela

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I went back to work when Charlie was about ten months old.
The timing just happened to be perfect…childcare intake is generally in January and I had planned to go back to work in February.
Because he was starting at the beginning of the year, I knew in November that he had a place in the nursery so I had plenty of time to make adjustments to our routine ensuring that we would both be ready.  The schedule that we adapted was a morning breastfeed, formula and solids throughout the day, read more

Double Dipper



I started writing this post last week…such is my blogging backlog that what was a commentary on a current event is now history.
My feelings are still valid though so I have decided to hit post anyway!

I am generally not a very political person.
Perhaps it is because I can’t vote in Australia.
Perhaps it is because I have been living in a baby bubble for the past four years and so am out of touch when it comes to current events.
I am however fired up about the recent allegations read more

A Monthly Intention – January

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Over on her blog, A Life Un-Styled, Vanisha’s first post of 2015 was about setting a monthly intention.
I think this is a brilliant idea.
Rather than making a sweeping resolution, set an intention for each month.
Then ideally, break that goal down into manageable pieces…actions you are able to achieve on a daily or weekly basis that will lead to your intention becoming reality.

My intention for January is to find a new rhythm.
I have gone from being a working mother of one to a stay at home read more

Your Pregnancy Week 15: Planning Maternity Leave

It is of course entirely up to you but now that you are past that twelve week marker it is probably okay to tell everyone at work that you are preggers…plus in a few more weeks you will be showing and then the cat will really be out of the bag.  And once your bosses know that you are pregnant they will want to know your plans for maternity leave…your baby holiday!I would say that Australia has middle of the road maternity leave.  I feel very fortunate because the maternity leave here read more