Five Birth Interventions That Are Unnecessary



Today I am over at The Kindred Collective talking about birth interventions…specifically the fact that you do not have to consent to the interventions that may be suggested by your caregiver.
Birth should be an empowering experience.
All too often we surrender our control.
We submit to caregivers who generally have a different agenda than we do…they are governed by hospital policies and protocols and not by the natural wonder of birth.
You only get one opportunity to birth your baby.
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Introducing The Kindred Collective


Introducing The Kindred Collective.
A community of mothers.
For mothers.
Natural birthing, yoga, women’s wellness.
Workshops, retreats, online support.

From the moment I got pregnant, I loved talking to other mothers.
Every time I spoke with a mother-to-be, a mother, or a grandmother, I felt like I was a part of something special…a sacred circle of women, a community of those who foster and nurture.
During some exchanges, secret bits of mothering wisdom were revealed…baby acne, clogged tear duct, read more

How To Have The Best Possible Birth – Guest Post



Today I have handed over the blogging reigns to another American mother living down under.
Rachel is a mother of three who lives in Sydney. She loves cheese, books about Scotland, and things that are blue and white striped. She blogs at A Mother Far from Home about parenting and motherhood…she shares tips and advice about how to get your kids to sleep well, behave, and be strong kids that turn in to strong grown-ups.
Here she is talking about how to have the best possible birth whether you’re in a hospital, a birthing centre, your home, or your car (but hopefully not your car)!

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How Birth Affects Parenting


I was recently asked to be a part of 612 ABC Steve Austin’s parenting panel.
When asked what I wanted to speak about, I suggested discussing how birth affects parenting.
Based on what I have learned from hypnobirthing and from my own personal experience, I believe birth has a significant impact on parenting…especially on those challenging first months.

First, let’s talk hormones.
Birth chemically prepares a mother for parenting.
When you are pregnant and when you are giving birth, you are read more

Hypnobirthing and Yoga Pregnancy Retreats

Hypnobirthing and Yoga Retreat















I am so excited to be able to introduce Queensland Hypnobirthing and Yoga Retreats!
These pregnancy retreats have been in the pipeline for a long time…they started as a glimmer of an idea that I kept inside of my head for far too long, then they evolved into a series of often frenzied emails between myself and Bettina, now they are actually happening!

So what exactly are we doing?
We are hosting a four read more