Free To Be Me Time – Part Three

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You can find part one here.
And part two here.

Now that you have managed to get a block of time to yourself, what are you going to do?
I know it is so tempting to do the grocery shopping or to clean the house.
I have heard all the arguments because I have tried to convince myself that grocery shopping is so relaxing without children and that I actually like to clean the house when I get to sit and enjoy the tidiness afterwards.
But does doing the grocery shopping and the cleaning actually fill you read more


In my last post, I mentioned how unmotivated I am feeling. I just do not want to deal with life…I would much prefer to crawl back in bed with a good book and ignore all of my adult responsibilities.Obviously, life refuses to be slighted and so I carry on.My usual modus operandi when I am fumbling and feeling stressed involves a take away coffee and a muffin from the cafe in the morning, another coffee for lunch, sneaking some chocolate while Toddler C is napping, feeling shaky in the afternoon and so supplementing read more

A Special Goodnight

Last night, as I was saying our special goodnight to Toddler C, I was thinking that I should really write it down.I have said the same special goodnight to him ever since we started his bedtime routine.  As that was almost a year ago now, I absolutely have it memorised but I know that as he gets older, the routine will change and the words will change and the time will come when I can’t remember our special goodnight.And I want to remember it always.We are going to turn out the light and read more

Baking with Babies: Yogurt Cake

Tuesday afternoons are my mommy afternoons. Me and my motley crew of mother friends get together at a park or at one of our houses, we sit back, chat and enjoy our tea or coffee while the toddlers run rampant. Yes, the toddlers have finally reached that magical stage where as long as the area they are in is relatively toddler proof they don’t need us hovering behind them anymore.We have been enjoying this bliss for about two months now.I am not sure what came over us but we decided to shake things up!We had read more

Just The Three Of Us

Daddy R was away this weekend.  Guess what he was doing?  Yes, he was watching rugby!  He went down to the Gold Coast to watch the Sevens World Series.When he said that he wanted to go I didn’t really give it much thought…in some ways I wish that I had.  I just assumed that he would go and we would stay in Brisbane.  On Friday it hit me that we could all go…Daddy R could watch rugby and Baby C and I could find a giant jumping pillow and bounce the day away.  Of course by then plans had read more