PCYC – Tiny Tots Program

The Police Citizens and Youth Club (PCYC) is an organisation that facilitates participation in recreational programs with the aims of improving the lives of the individual members and of developing the local community.There are forty-seven PCYC branches throughout Queensland.Each club has a different range of activities…pilates, basketball, gymnastics and of course Tiny Tots!Really any activity that tires my toddler out and guarantees a good nap is a winner in my book!And Tiny Tots does that and more!For those of you familiar with local read more

How To Choose A Child Care Centre

I have received quite a few emails lately about child care so I thought I would do another post about how to chose a child care centre.When I was pregnant my first obsession was picking the perfect pram…we went with Uppababy.Once my pram was ordered, then researching child care centres became my focus.I know…skewed priorities!Unfortunately, obtaining a spot at a child care centre…at least in Brisbane…is not easy.If you know that you are going to require child care, then I would start looking read more

Brisbane Child Care Reviews: Herston First Steps

After receiving quite a few emails about my post about ABC Good Start Early Learning Ashgrove, I have been meaning to write another child care review.  But whenever I sat down to write about Herston First Steps I found myself without much to say.  Nothing really good, nothing really bad.  And I think that is pretty much how I feel about Herston First Steps as a child care centre.  Meh…not really good, not really bad.A bit of a disclaimer…Baby C only attended Herston First read more

Brisbane Child Care Reviews: ABC Good Start Early Learning Ashgrove

We have found a new child care centre for Baby C!  Just in the nick of time!  We were debating who was going to take a sick day and stay home with Baby C on Monday so he wouldn’t have to go to his terrible child care centre when we got a call from another centre saying that they had a spot in their junior toddler room.  We went and visited the centre and it looks great!  It is such a relief to have a plan in place!  And I am excited for Baby C…the junior toddler room read more