Book Review: French Children Don’t Throw Food

This post has been a long time coming.I think I ordered this book about a year ago.It took me about six months to read…no fault of the book it is just that mothering and working and studying and blogging always seemed to get in the way.And now it has taken me about another six months to write this post.Although it has been a while, I remember really enjoying this book.The author, Pamela Druckerman, is an American who is raising her children in Paris.After observing that French children seem read more

Toddler C’s Favourite Books

I love books and I love read.I always have.Growing up my family regularly went to the library and my parents read books to my sister and me while we ate our breakfast cereal and then again before we went to bed.I used to spend hours sorting the books on the book case in my room by author…then arranging them by colour…then alphabetising them properly once again.I remember reading Roald Dahl’s Matalida in one day…then picking it up the next morning to read it again.I have been known to stay up until the wee read more

Baby Book Review: The Mighty Toddler

Finally!  The long awaited review of The Mighty Toddler by Robin Barker! And just in the nick of time!  University starts back again this week and so instead of reading about toddlers I will now be reading about effective professional communication.  Yay!Anyway, as I mentioned here, I often turned to Baby Love, Robin Barker’s book about newborns, and so I had high expectations of The Mighty Toddler.I wasn’t disappointed.I think what I like best about Robin Barker is that she respects read more

Your Pregnancy Week 24: Beware of the Baby Book

One of my dearest friends is pregnant and on Saturday she went to her antenatal class.  Like all good mothers to be she is trying to learn as much as she can about birthing, breastfeeding and generally raising her baby.  But rather than answer all her questions, the antenatal class just raised more questions…the information the midwife gave her was different from what she had been reading in baby books and the information in the baby books was different from what I had said.  Her head seemed read more

Children’s Books

I just discovered this website called The Book Despository…the books are cheap and they have free worldwide shipping on everything!  I smell a shopping spree! Here are some of the books that I loved as a little girl.And here are some of Baby C’s current favourites.What were your favourite books as a child?And what books does your baby love read more