How To Choose A Child Care Centre

I have received quite a few emails lately about child care so I thought I would do another post about how to chose a child care centre.When I was pregnant my first obsession was picking the perfect pram…we went with Uppababy.Once my pram was ordered, then researching child care centres became my focus.I know…skewed priorities!Unfortunately, obtaining a spot at a child care centre…at least in Brisbane…is not easy.If you know that you are going to require child care, then I would start looking read more

Your questions answered…baby fingernails and keeping warm

So I am known as a bit of a baby guru around these parts…ha ha…total exaggeration…there is one lady…I don’t even know her name…but we go to the same cafe at the same time every morning…and she has a newborn and so we have gotten to talking…and sometimes she asks me questions.Question: How do you cut baby fingernails? Answer: There are a few schools on thought on this. One is biting your baby’s fingernails.  Honestly I find this to be totally disgusting.  I don’t bite my read more

When Can My Baby…

As Baby C gets older I have found myself wondering when many of the things like eating salt and sleeping with a pillow that are off limits for babies become acceptable…here is what I have found.

When can my baby eat salt?
I rarely use salt when cooking and we never add it to food after cooking but I do occasionally use things like jared curries and pasta sauces that I know have quite a bit of sodium in them and would like to know when Baby C can eat these things.
From the age of six months until he turns one, Baby C needs less than half a gram of salt (170mg sodium) a day.  Baby kidneys can’t cope with more salt than that.  After his first birthday guidelines suggest that an adequate amount of salt for Baby C is half a gram to one gram (up to 400mg sodium) per day.  To put that in perspective an adult should have about six grams of salt (2300mg sodium) per day.  So, the short answer is…I will continue to make salt free meals for Baby C until he is Adolescent C.

When can my baby sleep with a pillow, a blanket and in a real bed?
Because of the risk of suffocation and SIDS, pillows are not recommended for children under the age of two.  Based on chat board wisdom it seems that the most common time to introduce a pillow is when your toddler moves from their crib to their big kid bed.
Again because of the risk of suffocation and SIDS, blankets are not recommended for children under the age of one.  Based on the way Baby C moves around in his crib I would say that he is destined to sleep in a Grobag for many years to come.
There is no set time when you have to replace your baby’s crib with a toddler bed.  The almighty Internet says sometime between the ages of one and a half to three as the ideal time to make the move and mentions reasons for switching including the baby being too big for the crib, having baby number two on the way and so need baby number one out of the crib and needing easy access to the toilet for potty training.

When should my baby wear shoes?
It seems that letting your baby go barefoot as much as possible is the best way to develop strength and coordination in their legs and feet.  So when your baby is starting to walk it is preferable to keep them barefoot or, if you are in a cold climate, in non-slip socks.  However shoes have an obvious protective purpose and as such are good for walking outdoors.
Note to self…add shoes to the list of things to get Baby C for his first birthday…how cute are these baby Toms!

When can my baby eat sugar?
If babies don’t know about it then they won’t miss it.  Babies don’t need added sugar and will happily eat cereal, yogurt, muffins without it.  Sugar can lead to tooth decay and weight gain and just bad eating habits in general so avoid giving it to your baby as long as you can.
And in other sweetener news, it is probably best to avoid honey until your baby is one because of the risk of botulism.

And speaking of tooth decay, when can my baby brush their teeth?
I actually went to the dentist today and he said that you should start cleaning your baby’s teeth once a day as soon as you can see a tooth.  And if by cleaning you mean letting your baby chew on a toothbrush then yes.  They make baby toothbrushes and at the start there is no need to use toothpaste.  He also said it is a good idea to start taking your baby with you to the dentist…you can let them sit in the chair and they can watch you get your teeth cleaned.  And if your dentist is very clever like mine he can use his dental air to blow up balloons and make balloons animals…this is to entertain the babies of course.

When can my baby use cutlery?
It seems that most moms start giving their baby a spoon to play with around ten months and by about one year the baby is getting the hang of getting the spoon from the food to at least near their mouth.  I have given Baby C “loaded spoon” spoons with the food already on them and let him get the spoon in his mouth…he is good at getting the spoon in his mouth but as often as not the food falls off first.  There is definite mess involved in working on cutlery.
Using two spoons was a strategy that I came across a few times.  Give your baby one spoon to feed themselves and then use one yourself to sneak food into their open mouth…that way you can be sure your baby is actually getting some food and mealtimes won’t take the three hours they would if your baby was left to their own devices.
And I didn’t really find anything on the subject of plastic cutlery versus mental but I am assuming that the first spoons and forks are plastic and then you move onto metal once you can be more certain they won’t poke their eye out.

When can my baby drink milk?
Current thought on the matter is that while it is okay to use cow’s milk in cooking it should be avoided as a drink until your baby is one.  Apparently cow’s milk as the major source of liquid nutrition is associated with anemia.  This is because the cow’s milk causes irritation of the intestinal lining resulting in tiny bleeds.  The earlier the introduction of cow’s milk the higher the risk of anemia as a younger child just hasn’t developed the intestinal maturity to handle the milk protein.  The cow’s milk in formula is heated so the proteins are denatured and therefore tolerable and cow’s milk formula is iron fortified to make up for any blood loss due to irritation.

When can my baby face front in the car seat?
As long as the top of your baby’s head is below the top of the seat back then they should be facing backwards…the longer your baby remains rear facing the better.

When will my baby sleep through the night?I have no idea.  Hopefully tonight!Baby C has a lot to look forward to in the coming months…going shoe shopping, using a spoon, and drinking read more

Two Baby Steps Forward, One Baby Step Back

I started writing this about a week ago but we have been so busy I haven’t had a moment to come back to it until now!  An early Thanksgiving celebration and Baby C’s baptism are primarily to blame.  But now there are no more events until Christmas so it is full speed ahead with the blog!Of course now I can hardly remember what I was writing or what I had planned to write next so forgive me if this is a bit rambling…I think I will write updates about food, sleep and play.Just when I was read more