The Portrait Series 2/52

It has been so hot in Brisbane the only thing to do is to spend the day at the pool…and splash!
How have you been keeping cool?And just for a little photography information, I use my iPhone 5 nearly one hundred percent of the time and edit using Instagram on my phone or iPhoto on my computer.  I am not very photo savvy so just the basics are fine for read more

The Portrait Series 1/52

A tentative morning at the playground, content to let me push him on the swings.Last year Jodi at Che and Fidel posted a portrait of her children, once a week, every week.The result was 52 gorgeous photographs of Che and 52 gorgeous photographs of Poet.This year I, along with many others, am joining in.I am changing the rules slightly. Jodi always posts on a Sunday but I will be posting on a Saturday so Sunday Styles can continue.And while I am sure that most of my portraits will be of Toddler C I might post a few of Daddy R and Puppy S…between the blog, Facebook and Instagram I have so read more